Let This Clip Distract You For A Blissful Moment

It's been a long, bitter, and volatile election season, but thankfully, Twitter is here to remind us all that there is still humor left in the world: A clip from NBC is floating around on the social media site depicting a man falling on live TV during election coverage at Democracy Plaza, all while he was trying to get his five minutes of fame. His mishap is a welcome bit of laughter in a day otherwise filled with nail-biting anxiety.

While NBC reporter Jo Ling Kent walked through the crowd at Democracy Plaza — aka Rockefeller Plaza in New York — an enthusiastic onlooker from Arkansas worked pretty hard to get on TV. Little did he know, his few moments of fame wouldn't come from a typical "Hi, Mom!" shoutout, but rather a full-blown face plant. After following Kent around as she worked her way through Clinton and Trump supporters gathered at the patriotic plaza, the unnamed man lost his footing and finally got the reporter's attention... by falling on his face. Quickly returning to his feet to brush himself off, the voter was received a big cheer from the enthusiastic crowd and a greeting from Kent herself. It didn't take long for Twitter to take the moment and make it something even bigger — you know, as Twitter often does.

Some people laughed...

While others recognized the similarities between the unknowing voter and the rest of the country

Hopefully, this served to distract you from these nerve-wracking results for at least a moment.

Images: YouTube