These Exit Poll Memes Will Keep You Calm

The country knew that this presidential election was going to be a close call, but it hasn't stopped Election Day from being any less stressful just because you knew it was coming. Whichever candidate you're rooting for, the race is way too close for comfort and you probably feel like tearing your hair out right now. However, thanks to the magic of the Internet, there's also plenty to laugh about while you wait for the election returns, especially these awesome exit poll memes.

The election is much closer than many thought, with both Ohio and Florida, two major swing states, leaning towards Donald Trump and Mike Pence on the Republican ticket. However, there is still a path for Hillary Clinton to reach 270 electoral votes even without those high electoral states. With such a polarized electorate, the possibility of an opposing party president is a terrifyingly real one for millions of Americans right now. Exit polls have been a big part of creating that anxiety, since they're helping major media outlets call election precincts and figure out how voters justified their ballot decisions. But before you have a panic attack, just remember that the world will keep spinning after Election Day and take a look at these memes to calm you down a little bit.

Do They Really Matter?

Still Freaking Out About Them Anyway

Wishing This Was At Your Polling Place

Gary Johnson Supporters

A Handy Example Of When They're Wrong

It's important to inject a little levity into Election Day, because otherwise, you might just lose it altogether. Hopefully, these dank memes helped.

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