Tim Russert & His "Florida, Florida, Florida" Election Coverage Would Be Perfect Right About Now

As poll results continue to come in, it is apparent that the presidential race in Florida is exceedingly tight. The close nature of the Florida race has many social media users nostalgic for the late political journalist Tim Russert's "Florida, Florida, Florida" election coverage, during which he once (quite accurately) predicated via whiteboard that the state of Florida would be crucial to deciding the 2000 presidential election.

As many know, Florida played an enormous role in deciding the 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, fulfilling Russert's predictions. The race was so tight (less that 0.5% of votes separated the candidates) that a recount was automatically initiated in the state, and, after a long process, Bush ended up winning Florida's electoral votes and the presidency.

As results continue to come in, Florida appears to again be locked in a tight race in the 2016 presidential election, leaving social media users to wonder whether Russert, who passed away in 2008, would have made the same predications about today's election. Either way, users seem to agree that Russert would have found excitement in covering today's exceedingly close race in both Florida and the country. Needless to say, they are nostalgic for his passionate, educational, and entertaining coverage.

Fellow journalists also echo the Russert nostalgia. Even over the past couple weeks, media outlets were discussing the very possibility that Russert could be right again about the power of Florida in this election, with a contributor to The Hill indicating that he will never forget "his [Russert's] use of a low-tech, white eraser board on election night 2000 to remind us that it would be 'Florida, Florida, Florida' that would determine the outcome of the closest election in modern times."

Beyond Russert's educational coverage and accuracy in predicting election outcomes, viewers and journalists alike also just seem to be missing a certain familiar comfort that Russert provided during election night. One Twitter user expressed that the only thing that would ease her election anxiety would be election coverage by Russert, and another user stated that he missed Russert and believes politics has become more cynical since his passing.

Overall, during an uncertain election cycle and, as it turns out, election night, it seems that people are particularly missing Russert's congeniality and good spirits. Rest assured he would have been thrilled to provide us with assurance and rock solid coverage during this highly eventful evening.