8 Things To Do Instead Of Moving To Canada If You're Unhappy With The 2016 Election Results

Well folks, the votes are in and, according to the Associated Press, Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States. With the threat of a Trump presidency looming overhead for a while now, Mashable reports that Google searches for “Move To Canada” were higher after the Super Tuesday votes than ever before in Google history. If you're considering going that route, well here are eight things to do instead of moving to Canada, because running away from problems is not the best way to fix them.

The Young Turks news channel has been on at my home all evening, and they’re encouraging the American people to “rise up” rather than running away. And I couldn't agree more. While the appeal of a new land may seem nice, it’s likely because the grass is always greener on the other side.

But, there are a few other options you have besides going to Canada should Trump win. Before trying the "fleeing the country" method, you can opt for relocating to a different state or getting involved in your local government. The goal is to try and affect change on any level you can, because progress is important.

1. Go To States With Policies You Align With

There may be areas within the Continental U.S. that are pushing for policies you believe in. If you're up for a move, maybe try going to one of those places before leaving the country all together.

2. Go To States Who Voted Blue

If you don't agree with the Republican party policies, try living in a state that went overall Democratic in the 2016 Election.

3. Get Involved In Local Government

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Voting on a local level is a great way of getting involved and starting to affect change on a small level, and as good as Sweden sounds right about now, this is probably the best way to make an impact right here, right now.

4. Fund Parties & Organizations You Align With

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Donate to the organizations you want to support, such as Planned Parenthood. Heck, even donate to and vote for the Green Party if it suits you. The U.S. doesn't have to be a two-party system if you feel your rights aren't being supported.

5. Support Local Business

Trump is all about Big Business. So, what can you do about it? Support your local businesses, of course!

6. Reach Out To Organizations Who Are Trying To Affect Change

Change doesn't always have to come through politics, at least not initially. There are more and more organizations online fighting for rights you deserve that you can reach out to.

7. Stick To Your Values

Most importantly of all, you need to remember what's important to you, and teach others why those subjects should matter to everyone, regardless of political alignment.

8. Move To Sweden

If you absolutely must jump ship, Mashable suggests Sweden is a viable option for all those considering a move to Canada since it's actually pretty simple. "The process of applying to immigrate to Sweden can be done online. An offer of employment in Sweden is the first step to getting a work visa, but you can spend a few months in the country without a visa while looking for a job," the publication states. Now, I'll admit that sounds like a great way to press the "easy" button when trying to solve your problems in the US — but seriously, consider one of the other seven options on this list first.