7 Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

If you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious, do yourself a favor and step away from your laptop, phone, and TV and take a long, deep breath. Better yet, clear some space in the living room and practice these seven yoga positions to relieve stress. Your anxiety isn't just going to go away by itself, so take some time to reset and find some inner peace and calmness. Prepare to namaste, y'all.

Even if you're not a hardcore yogi, you likely have heard or already know that yoga is not only a great way to get some exercise and stretch out your body, but it's also extremely beneficial to your overall health. Many studies have shown that practicing yoga can help with a slew of conditions, including chronic back pain, depression, pregnancy, cancer, heart disease, asthma, and yes, stress levels. According to a study conducted by George Mason University, approximately 7.8 million Americans practice yoga, with a majority of them citing their well-being as the reason. (Lower stress levels = crucial to your well-being.)

So, why exactly is yoga so good for stress? It's all about your breathing! Many of the following positions will help slow down your breath, decrease your blood pressure, and relax your muscles. Without further ado, roll out a yoga mat and get ready to inhale and exhale.

1. Child's Pose

This easy-to-do pose will help reduce tension as you stretch out your lower body.

2. Corpse Pose

Do I really need to explain how this pose will help reduce your anxiety? This pose is so relaxing, it's why many yoga classes end with it.

3. Seated Pose

This pose helps to open your chest so you can breathe deeply and calm your nervous system.

4. Happy Baby Pose

Think of this simple pose as a reclining squat, says Yoga International. It helps to stretch out your hips and groin area, while also lengthening your spine and releasing lower back tension.

5. Cat Pose

The cat pose will not only reduce your stress — it will also stretch the spine.

6. Cobra Pose

According to CNY Healing Arts, the cobra pose can elevate your mood and invigorate your heart.

7. Bridge Pose

Stress-ate? This pose can help aid digestion.

For more tips on how to decompress and destress, check out these other exercises that can help reduce anxiety.

Images: Unsplash