'Big Brother': Kaitlin's Big Veto Play Means Jeremy's Days Are Numbered

Douchebag boyfriends aren't exactly hard to find, but there's been none more prevalent on our TV screens this summer than Jeremy "Show Me the Misogyny!" McGuire. The casual sexism. The rampant egotism. The wiping someone's stuff in your butt-ism. Thankfully Aly Semigran expertly catalogued all of this for us already, because I have zero interest in any extended Jeremy analysis. (If tonight's chopping block shuffling is any indication, we soon may not have to talk about him much at all.)

No, tonight we're more interested in his showmance, Kaitlin, who given an opportunity to once again save the "Cherokee charmer" from possible elimination…finally used the Power of Veto on herself, and basically sealed Jeremy's fate.

It came after an episode (hell, weeks) of uncomfortable moral equivocating on her part, in which she basically played the good private school girl defending her unemployed, 20-something biker boyfriend to mom. "You don't know him like I do! He treats me so well!" Helen's hands would stay firmly planted on her hips as Kaitlin described Jeremy's "strength" and "character," only one of which is even sort of true.

Watching Jeremy try to sweet talk his way off the chopping block was at once a thing to behold and totally gross. "I just want to make love to you right now," he cooed after Kaitlin won Power of Veto. "If you help me stay here, I'm going to be so f**king pumped." Then, to the camera: "I'm gonna turn on that Cherokee charm, get her to do what I need her to do!"


Kaitlin, you could tell, was very conflicted by her possible decisions. Toss the Veto, save Jeremy for another week...but risk being sent home yourself? Or use the Veto, all but assuring that Jeremy be selected as your replacement, and subsequently eliminated by a house that's near-unanimously against him? "I'm literally getting sick to my stomach," Kaitlin said as she laid out the options to Helen, who to her credit didn't barf in response.

On the one hand, you feel for someone like Kaitlin who forged a connection with someone, only to (probably) see them leave you behind. On the other: ABOUT GD TIME, KAITLIN. You seem like a smart young woman with a decent bullshit detector. How'd Jeremy get through with such ease? With what magical spell had he enchanted you?

No matter -- it's over now, and you did your part (even if it wasn't intentional) to oust one of this season's most lecherous houseguests. Really, now, it's just important for me to know that you're okay, that you learned something from this experience. Is your Boat Shop Associate phase over now? We all believe you can do so much better, Kaitlin!