Keegan-Michael Key Brings Luther, Obama's Anger Translator, Back For Election Night

During The Daily Show's live election night coverage special, Trevor Noah sat down with Key & Peele's Keegan-Michael Key. Not only did the actor have a strong reaction to the way the 2016 election is currently going (aka with Donald Trump doing a lot better than many hoped or expected), but Keegan-Michael Key brought back Obama's anger translator, Luther. Noah asked the comedian to channel his inner Luther and react to the current status of the election. Of course, he answered just like fans of Luther probably expected.

As Luther, Key declared, "Well, sh*t, now I wish I was from Kenya. I mean, I had to go through all this, fool. I'll have to go live with my cousins now." Yeah, that's a spot-on reaction to how a lot of Americans are feeling this very moment with many wanting to leave the country if Trump wins. Leave it to Luther to channel not only President Obama, but also many others who can't believe that Trump even has a fighting chance at becoming the next leader of our nation.

Now, for those who have no idea who Luther is, allow me to explain: The character was first introduced by Key during a sketch on Key & Peele. He even brought Luther to the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner during Obama's speech. Basically, it's his way of channeling Obama's emotions and saying what he's really feeling. Here's a little taste of Luther, if you've never experienced him before:

C-SPAN on YouTube

Did that relieve a little bit of the tension you're feeling at this moment in time? Hopefully, it did, and here's hoping Key doesn't have to bring out Luther anymore during election night.