61 Things That Are Still Good About America

For some, the climax of the 2016 election has proved far more than simply nerve wracking. However, there are still plenty of things that are good about America, no matter who won the presidency. With victories in key battleground states like Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina helping Republican nominee Donald Trump pull ahead of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, election anxiety hit a fevered pitch. As results continued to roll in and states slowly filled in as red or blue on the electoral college map, it became clear the race for the White House was tighter than initially anticipated. Yet for those voters feeling a serious sense of disappointment in how some of their fellow Americans voted, I'd like to offer this gentle reminder that not all is lost.

While a portion of American voters may have cast ballots on Election Day with the hope of making America great again, I know America already has a slew of good things going for it now, things that can't and won't change simply because the family in the White House does.

So for anyone struggling with a serious amount of disappointment in light of a Trump victory, for those who feel they've lost faith in their country, or are maybe wondering if Trump wasn't right about America's lack of greatness, here are 60 things that are still good about America:


1. We remain a nation comprised of diverse people.

2. Title IX

3. America has 58 national parks. That means you have 58 opportunities to take in gorgeous views and witness this country's majestic beauty.

4. The Smithsonian. With 19 museums, including the recently opened National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Smithsonian Institution gives ample ways to reflect, remember, learn, and grow.

5. We are a resilient nation that has dealt with challenges and setbacks before

6. Cracker Jacks. Even the name of this American snack means "an exceptionally good person or thing."

7. Our innovative spirit.

8. Speaking of innovation, we're doing pretty good on technology too thanks to U.S. companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft to name only a few.

9. The First Amendment

10. Same-sex marriage is legal across the country.

11. This is still the land of opportunity.

12. In the United States, freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment.

13. We invented the airplane.

14. Tailgating.

15. We elect our leaders.

16. The hamburger.

17. Klondike Bars. If you haven't had one, consider it the best way to ease your post-election fears.

18. Saturday Night Live.

19. Freedom of religion. Just try to take that from us!

20. Abraham Lincoln.

21. Martin Luther King Jr.

22. Mark Twain.

23. Planned Parenthood.

24. Rock and Roll.

25. Nobody does movies like Hollywood does movies.

26. America falls within the top 45 countries on the life expectancy scale.

27. NASA

28. Free public restrooms. If you've traveled in Europe, you know what I'm talking about.

29. Shark Week

30. It was an American medical researcher who invented the Polio Vaccine.

31. The Pacific Crest Trail

32. Bison

33. Rodeos

34. We landed on the moon

35. ... then we played golf on the moon.

36. America has won the most Olympic medals.

37. You can have all sort of food delivered right to your front door.

38. Summer camp

39. Alaska

40. The Grand Canyon

41. Fireflies are real and we have them in our own backyards.

42. Electricity is not cut off for a few hours every day as it does in Lebanon's capital city of Beirut.

43. Mini golf

44. Due process of law

45. Ruth Bader Ginsberg sits on the Supreme Court.

46. The California Coast

47. Baseball

48. The miracle of the half court shot or the hail-mary pass.

49. Sliced bread. As cliche as it may sound, everybody loves sliced bread and America invented it.

50. Citizenship ceremonies.

51. The comeback, because America is a nation of second chances, no matter who you are.

52. The annual presidential turkey pardon. It's weird, but it's great.

53. Americans are not afraid to fight for our rights.

54. Fireworks

55. America does patriotic apparel like no one else can.

56. The Statue of Liberty

57. We have the chance to elect a new president every four years.

58. Tex-Mex cusine.

59. Barack Obama. He may be moving out of the White House but he'll still be with us.

60. Kittens and puppies can still comfort you.

61. Americans.

As divided and disappointed as we may feel now, the American people and our ability to come together in times of strife and need are, in the end, a huge part of what makes this country great.