Reince Priebus Could Be Trump’s Chief Of Staff

Donald Trump stormed to a shocking but decisive Electoral College victory Tuesday night with state races across the Rust Belt either being called for or leaning towards Trump. He not only won the swing states of Florida and North Carolina — which were believed to be favoring Hillary Clinton — but also Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and likely Michigan. Pundits are shocked, maybe so are you, but it's real. Clinton even called to congratulate him. So given that this Trump presidency is real — who will be Trump's chief of staff?

Time magazine reported that "according to two senior sources familiar with the initial discussions," the GOP National Committee chairman Reince Priebus is the favorite. "He is very likely Chief of Staff," Time quoted one of the sources as saying, noting that Trump listens to Priebus' advice. That alone is pretty interesting. Priebus and Trump's relationship has been hot and cold since the beginning of the race. But after Trump decisively won the nomination, Priebus began to serve as a mentor to Trump, often riding on the campaign plane and helping Trump prepare for the debates.

His role grew even more on election night — perhaps a clear sign that no one on Trump's team expected he would win. Priebus was invited up to the podium as part of Trump's victory speech to say something. His remarks were brief. "Ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the United States, Donald Trump! Thank you. It's been an honor. God bless. Thank God," he said. But just before that Trump sang his praises:

Let me tell you about Reince. I've said Reince. I know it. I know it. Look at all of those people over there. I know it, Reince is a superstar. I said, they can't call you a superstar, Reince, unless we win it. Like secretariat. He would not have that bust at the track at Belmont. Reince is really a star and he is the hardest-working guy and in a certain way, did this.

That is quite the endorsement, and a superstar is something you'd want from a chief of staff. In addition to Priebus, NBC News has reported some of the other names on Trump's short list for his Cabinet. There were three insiders who told the channel that some well-known names would join Trump in D.C. They are Rudy Giuliani as potential attorney general, Newt Gingrich possibly for secretary of state, and retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn potentially for national security adviser or defense secretary.

A Trump presidency may be hard to imagine, but his cabinet seems a lot clearer now that he has clinched victory.