This Photo Says More Than Words Ever Can

The unthinkable has happened, everyone: According to the AP, Donald Trump is the president elect of the United States of America. It's a scary, scary time — as a Hillary Clinton supporter whose family migrated to the US from Iran over two decades ago, I'm absolutely terrified that a platform so strongly anti-women, anti-muslim, anti-POC, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-love has dominated the polls and actually won the election. It's not clear where we go from here, but I believe it's safe to say Nasty Women everywhere should be ready to stick together now more than ever. We need to stick together for each other, and for women like this: Currently floating around on Twitter is a photo of a muslim Hillary Clinton supporter feeling just as defeated and devastated as the rest of us are, and it says much more than words ever could.

Trump's platform was one founded heavily on xenophobia toward many ethnic and social groups — and many of his supporters have reportedly made their hatred for those of muslim faith known. After the ISIS attacks in Paris, France in Nov. 2015, Trump even suggested banning all muslims from entering the US — a very scary suggestion, even more so now that the man is our president elect. It is for that reason that this photo of a muslim woman who was clearly so hopeful earlier in the night — ready to celebrate a victory for love and acceptance and a shattering of the glass ceiling with her "I'm With Her" phone case and excitement — is so moving. A vote for Trump was essentially the American people saying that whole groups of people don't matter. How are any of us who identify as part of a minority supposed to reconcile knowing we live in a country where the majority of citizens don't care about us?

Trust, this isn't the end of our fight. We Nasty Women are a resilient group, I know we are, and we can get through whatever comes next. Love each other and support each other, because we are all we have right now.