13 Female Drag Queens To Follow On Instagram

Thanks to the popularity surge of Ru Paul's Drag Race, drag and club culture seems to be on the up and up. And whilst it's true that drag itself is stereotypically a gay man's game, there are a handful of queer female drag superstars that are tearing the scene up and making it all their own. And we're not talking about cross dressing either: Do not confuse these glorious queens for drag kings.

"How can a woman be a drag queen, when a drag queen is a man dressed as a woman," writes drag-obsessed journalist Kashmira Gander in The Independent. "This issue has divided the drag community — with bio, or 'faux' queens defending their right to perform alongside their male counterparts. The answer comes down to the fact that drag is about more than just a man wearing a dress, but about questioning gender stereotypes and the norms we are expected to conform to — norms that can stifle us all — all while putting on a blinding show.

If you're into the idea of a female drag queen, you can immediately check out an archive of outrageously dazzling drag looks that will have you clicking like faster than a death drop. And who knows, maybe you'll be inspired by some of the over the top and funky feminine outfits you see as worn by female drag performers. In a fashion climate that still deems all black everything as super chic, it's worth spicing up your wardrobe with a bit of glitz and glamour, overdoing your contour and turning a few heads every now and then. Here are a handful of fierce ladies to follow on Instagram in order to help you do exactly that.

1. Lucy Garland

If you thought Kim Kardashian was the queen of contour then you've just been proven wrong: Look at the skill of Lucy Garland's nose. That, combined with the high arched brows and the twin pony tails would give anyone serious hair and makeup envy.

2. Tayla Macdonald

Australia based babe Tayla Macdonald looks an absolute dream in this lime green and pink polka dot creation and these 70's inspired lashes are goals to the extreme. Her other styles are equally as astounding, so be sure to add her to your follow list.

3. Sophie Rose Garland

When you get a ladder in your fishnets and are about to chuck them in the trash, remember this look. Visualize how magnificent you could potentially look by using them to frame your face like Sophie Rose Garland has perfected. Beautiful.

4. Migayla Gottlieb

If you were a massive fan of the McDonalds x Moschino catwalk show back in 2014, then we've found your glam icing on the cake. A round of applause for Migayla in the only outfit suitable for sashaying through the drive through to serve that Filet-O-Fish.

5. Miss Queen Sateen

Metallics have never looked so good than on Miss Queen Sateen, just like a magnet her showgirl magnificence draws you in. They definitely don't call her a queen for nothing. Can I borrow that bra after you?

6. Tete Bang

Candyfloss hair, oversized earrings and glittery brows to match your dress are definitely a look. The self proclaimed big booty show girl and queer queen Tete Bang can definitely teach us a thing or two about coordination. Loves it.

7. Eppie Conrad

London's very own Eppie Conrad doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs but when you see her in the clubs you'd think she's high off her own energy. This amazing drag work out look would definitely get you some attention down the gym, or just about anywhere really.

8. Tilde Snyder

It's not exactly a casual look to wear to the grocery store but this swamp inspired beat is still fantastic. Not only is Tilde Snyder a low key drag angel but she's a talented clothing designer and zine maker too.

9. Victoria Sin

Vaudeville meets East End realness in this over the top club look by pro drag babe Victoria Sin. Her contour and highlight skills are not to be matched and those bold doe eyes wouldn't be amiss in a vintage black and white animation.

10. Creme Fatale

Get a history book publisher on the line because this Elizabethan inspired garb needs to go down in fashion history. This slightly-beyond-a-throwback dream look is delightfully created by San Francisco drag style genius Creme Fatale, another perfect queen who you immediately need to follow.

11. Lacey McFadyen

UK based performer Lacey McFadyen has a drag style all her own and this warning tape masterpiece is potentially one of her best. The red hair, red lip and red lettering combined with the over arched eyebrows together are fabulously fierce.

12. Mia Opulent Love

Mia Opulent Love is an absolute vision with their trendy gray wig and contrast rainbow brows. Their Instagram feed screams drag through and through, a quick scroll through their posts will have you itching to experiment with new hair colors and makeup techniques. You won't find any memes or food porn here.

13. Dollie Darling

Pastel princess Dollie Darling may have paid homage to Drag Race superstar Trixie Mattel in this audaciously kawaii look but she has a whole stash of original drag looks on her Instagram too. Definitely worth the follow.

Female drag queens have just as much creativity and commitment to the culture as their male counterparts, and it shows. As Ru Paul always says, "We all come into this world naked, the rest is all drag!"