15 Eyeshadows To Use As Highlighters & Get The Most Out Of Your Makeup Bag

Hey, if you're a struggling twenty-something, cutting corners is a must to survive — sometimes, it's as simple as planning meals in advance, collecting coupons or using eye shadow as highlighter. By reusing, recycling and re-appropriating the purpose of some items, especially cosmetics, you can save a pretty penny without sacrificing any of your commitment to beauty.

While wearing eye shadow instead of highlighter isn't the wildest use of a product ever, there's still something to be said of saving $15 on a new highlighter and using a shade you already own in a palette. However, it's important to know which eye shadows will work as highlighters and which won't. A bright gold shadow for your eye may not be as easy to blend as a simpler, shimmery color, for example. Different shades and formulas are different consistencies, so trial-and-error is definitely the name of the game here. That being said, these shadows are amazing contenders to create your next epic highlight situation.

Of course, highlighter shades are a personal choice, just as much as eye shadow shades are, so it's always worth simply experimenting with colors you own and what you think look good. But if you're undecided, here are some eye shadows which will work just as brilliantly on your lids as on your cheekbones. Now go forth and get your glow on as soon as humanly possible.

1. NYX Pearl Eye Shadow

NYX Loose Pearl Shadow In Sky Pink, $8, Amazon

These loose powder eye shadows by NYX are ultra shimmery and will look great on your cheekbones.

2. MAC Eye Shadow

MAC Eye Shadow In Nylon, $16, Nordstrom

This frosty shade is perfect for anyone who prefers a cooler tone to their highlight.

3. MAC Eye Shadow

MAC Eye Shadow In Gorgeous Gold, $16, Nordstrom

Or for those among us who prefer gold tones, this pearly shade will add a warmth to your makeup look.

4. ColourPop Shadow

ColourPop Eye Shadow In Get Lucky, $5, ColourPop

A strong pigment means you need less to get a great highlight, or you can go for a really glowy finish: Either way, you're saving money and space in your makeup bag.

5. Urban Decay Moondust Shadow

Moondust Shadow In Interstellar, $21, Urban Decay

The Moondust collection of eye shadows by Urban Decay are made specifically to have more shimmer than usual, which naturally lends them to being a great highlighter.

6. Coloured Raine Eye Shadow

Coloured Raine Shadow In Clutch Pearls, $12, Beauty Bay

This subtler shade would look great used with a fan brush, for a more natural finish.

7. MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow In A Natural Flirt, $20, Nordstrom

Recommended by YouTuber Karen of the Makeup And Beauty Blog, this specific MAC shadow makes for an absolutely stunning highlight.

8. MAKEUP FOREVER Artist Shadow

Makeup For Ever Artist Shadow With Iridescent Finish In Pinky Sand, $21,Sephora

MAKEUP FOREVER Artist Shadows come in five different finishes, but the iridescent shades will catch the light in different ways across your face.

9. L'Oreal Paris Infallible Shadow

L'Oreal Infallible 24 HR Shadow In Amber Rush, $7,Amazon

If a shadow is promising to last 24 hours on your lids, there's a good chance it will stay strong as a highlighter, too.

10. Lush Eye Shadow

Lush Eye Shadow In Happiness, $20, Lush USA

The Lush makeup range is full of bright and beautiful pigments, all made cruelty free and bound to bring you the happiness its name promises.

11. The Body Shop Wet Or Dry Eye Shadow

Wet Or Dry Shadow In Caramel Flirt, $6,The Body Shop

A versatile shadow that can be used wet or dry, which makes for a versatile highlighter too.

12. Kiko Water Eye Shadow

Water Eye Shadow In Champagne, $14, Kiko Cosmetics

A pressed shadow shape that is perfect for sliding your finger across and applying straight onto any part of your face.

13. NYX Roll On Eye Shimmer

NYX Roll On Eye Shimmer In Taupe, $8,Amazon

A roll on eye color is just begging to be applied elsewhere, right? Just cover your whole body in this shimmer powder.

14. Maybelline Cream Gel Shadow

Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadow In Barely Branded, $6,Amazon

If you prefer a cream shadow, why not try a cream highlighter — or better yet, try using your cream shadow as highlighter.

15. E.L.F. Studio Long Lasting Eye Shadow

Long Lasting Eye Shadow In Toast, $3, e.l.f Cosmetics

Another affordable shadow that won't set you back the same price as a highlighter but will achieve a similar effect.

You're bound to have gotten the hint by now — if you have a shimmery eye shadow shade in your makeup bag already, why not try it as a highlighter? Or if you're a matte lid kind of person, check out how one of the above shades look on your cheeks.

Images: Courtesy Brands