Where To Buy Bite Beauty's Matte Creme Lip Crayon Collection Because You Always Need More Lipstick Options — PHOTO

I love a cute and collectible lipstick set — one that is easy to store, that makes choosing a lip color efficient, and which provides me with plenty of color choices under one roof. Like Kat Von D's Everlasting Obsession Liquid Lipstick Clutch, which is divine, or the Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon Collection. Both holiday-ready lip sets hit on all of those crucial points in unique, brand-familiar ways. I am totally feeling the Bite Beauty collection because the slim pencils — all 18 of them — are housed in a collectible tin. There are pinks, nudes, reds, and berries. It's truly an essential lip wardrobe. Where can you buy the Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon Collection?

The Bite Beauty Matte Lip Creme Set is only available online via Sephora. The collection clocks in at $275, which shakes out to about $15 per full-sized lippie. It's a $430 value, as well. Therefore, you will enjoy significant savings if you grab this extensive and complete set. If you tend to change your lipstick with your mood, or if you are a lip daredevil who likes to wear all different shades in all of the color families, this set is so for you. Hopefully one of your friends or loved ones will gift it to you this holiday season or perhaps you can just treat yourself.

This set is "must own" for any lipstick junkie, Bite Beauty fan, or completist. If there one or four colors here that you likely won't wear, don't fret. You can combine them with another shade for a custom color. You can lighten or darken another shade by topping it with one of those hues.

Or you can gift them to friends randomly so they don't go to waste! "I have too many lipsticks," said no makeup junkie ever.

You can repurpose the tin in many ways — store credit cards, identification, receipts, whatever!

Never have an ordinary lipstick day. We live in a crazy world. Why not add a little levity, color, and life to your day and your lips with a swipe of lipstick? Makeup makes you feel good and allows you to be creative with your personal style. There is nothing wrong with that.... ever!

Here are all the details in one place.

Images: Bite Beauty/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Bite Beauty (3)