Hillary Clinton Tributes You Can Share Today

The 2016 Presidential Election has been decided. Republican nominee Donald J. Trump nabbed the necessary 270 electoral votes to take the election from Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton. It was a hard-fought and often ugly battle between the candidates along the lengthy campaign trail. But it's now in the rearview. Clinton has conceded to Trump and is expected to officially speak about losing the election on Wednesday, Nov. 9, according to CNN, and the country needs to move forward. However, that doesn't mean Clinton supporters, many of which showed up in symbolic all-white ensembles at voting stations, need to rescind their #ImWithHer stances, statuses, or feelings. In fact, now is the perfect time to rally the troops and fellow Clinton supporters and to show strength, solidarity, and support when she needs it most.

While Clinton will likely put on a brave face, one can't help but surmise that she is smarting, disappointed, sad, and angry about losing the election. That's why those who voted for her and are still behind her should feel good about sending uplifting vibes, positive thoughts, and funny and/or supportive messages and memes out into the universe and the social media space. It's perfectly fine for Clinton supporters to band together and pay tribute to a woman who gave it her all and put up a damn good fight.

It's OK to thank her for her service despite her defeat.

Lady Gaga was a vocal Hillary supporter and continued to show her support in the aftermath, which is her right.

Katy Perry retweeted this sentiment from actor and activist Jesse Williams and it's quite powerful.

It's appropriate and necessary to thank her for fighting until the end because she is, after all, a public servant.

In tough times, a smile can be a great healer. This GIF shows a lighter side of Mrs. Clinton and the best way to remember her campaign.

Lena Dunham's Hillary socks will probably be a collector's item and were another reminder of how fashion played a part in this election on a more important level than we ever thought. It also adds a lightness to heavy hearts.

Even though the end result isn't the one she had hoped for, this, this is what Hillary Clinton showed so many women and is worth innumerable RTs.

#ImStillWithHer is a thing on Twitter right now and that sentiment is certainly worth putting out in the social media space to show your still have her back.

"Thank Yous" likely mean a lot to her right now.

Let's leave it there.

Images: Giphy (1); Lena Dunham/Instagram (1)