23 Plus Size Floral Dresses That Will Put Some Spring In Your Step This Winter

For whatever reason, floral patterns feel more common in warmer months, making it much more difficult to find plus size floral dresses that suit the fall and winter seasons. Everyone remembers Miranda Priestly's infamous comment in The Devil Wears Prada — "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking," right? It makes the point that certain prints are associated with specific seasons. More than that, it questions whether that association is particularly a positive one.

So if you want to wear flower prints in winter? There's nothing stopping you. Style rules are arbitrary and wearing what you want, when you want, is a liberating process. Even if that is just wearing a type of pattern when most people won't or rocking florals in fall and winter.

These floral plus size dresses can be worn on all kinds of different occasions, so if you want flowers to feel fancy or floral to feel more down to earth, there's a dress on this list for you. Some of these dresses continue with light and bright floral prints of summer, while others opt for darker tones and flowers that are more in keeping with the winter months, but most important: They all feature florals, so you can head into the colder months with a little bit of spring in your step.

1. Chiffon Cold Shoulder Dress

Chiffon Cold Shoulder Dress (Available to 6x), $58.90, torrid.com

Keep on trend with that cold shoulder silhouette combined with a warm red tone to stop it feeling too summery.

2. Sleeved Maxi Dress

Sleeved Maxi Dress (Available to size 24), $98, asos.com

This darker toned floral maxi will lend itself perfectly to any formal events you have coming up in the next few months.

3. Crochet Dress

Plus Size Floral Crochet Dress (Available to 3x), $29.90, forever21.com

Not a floral print per se, but a beautifully intricate floral crochet effect.

4. Houndstooth Dress

Floral Dress In Houndstooth (Available to 4x), $99.99, modcloth.com

Get the ultimate vintage vibes with this mash up of prints and autumnal shades.

5. Bodycon Mini Dress

Renee Floral Dress (Available to 3x), $70.40, rue107.com

Bring florals to the dancefloor with this dress and your favorite heels, or pair with denim and Chucks for a more casual daytime look. Get you a dress that can do both!

6. Smocked Bell Sleeve Dress

Smocked Bell Sleeve Dress (Available to 6x), $46.90, torrid.com

Who said you can't wear white in winter? This bright and light dress keeps it casual and comfortable in a delicate floral print.

7. Drape Pocket Jersey Dress

Drape Pocket Jersey Dress (Available to size 34), $33, yoursclothing.co.uk

This monochrome number is perfect for the days you put comfort before all else.

8. Cami Mini Dress

Plus Size Floral Print Dress (Available to 3x), $24.90, forever21.com

These more realistic looking roses put a fun spin on the traditional floral print.

9. Mono T-Shirt Dress

Mono T-Shirt Dress (Available to size 24), $73, asos.com

Keep your love of floral going all the way to the workplace in this more formal type of T-shirt dress.

10. Lace Up Dress

Lace Up Midi Dress (Available to 3x), $27.90, forever21.com

Let's keep the lace up trend going into winter with this amazing floral number.

11. Indigo Velvet Dress

Indigo Velvet Dress (Available to 4x), $99.99, modcloth.com

Combining a fall fabric with a spring print has really led to a beautiful dress by Modcloth.

12. Autumnal Leaf Dress

Autumnal Leaf Dress (Available to 4x), $89.99, modcloth.com

These seriously stunning shades will make anyone looking at you excited for colder months.

13. Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress (Available to size 20), $28, boohoo.com

This dress is the best example of how florals can be kept casual.

14. Black And Gold Maxi Dress

Black And Gold Maxi Dress With Floral Overlay (Available to size 30), $69, yoursclothing.co.uk

Just because you're an all black everything kind of gal doesn't mean you have to miss out on the floral trend.

15. Mixed Prints Smock Dress

Mixed Prints Smock Dress (Available to size 24), $30, asos.com

Get two floral prints for the price of one - who doesn't love a bargain?

16. Woven Mini Dress

Woven Mini Dress (Available to 3x), $24.90, forever21.com

This dress will help you cast seriously witchy looks this season.

17. Bardot Raspberry Dress

Bardot Raspberry Dress (Available to 3x), $78, rue107.com

The trippy effect of this dress is perfect for any party (and after party).

18. Paisley Shift Dress

Paisley Shift Dress (Available to size 20), $26, boohoo.com

Go full hippie chic with this paisley print shift dress that incorporates flowers perfectly.

19. Dusty Pink Lace Dress

Dusty Pink Lace Dress (Available to 3x), $19.53, forever21.com

This stunning shade of pink is perfect for anyone going for a muted or neutral look.

20. Hand Painted Maxi Dress

Hand Painted Maxi Dress (Available to size 24), $196, asos.com

The attention to detail on this dress makes it well worth the price tag.

21. Blue Shirt Dress

Blue Shirt Dress (Available to 4x), $89.99, modcloth.com

Brilliant for work or anyone who likes to keep it classy, this peony inspired print looks amazing in different shades of blue.

22. Shift Dress

Floral Print Shift Dress (Available to size 20), $20, boohoo.com

Also available in white so if you really love it, get it in both colors!

23. Midi Pencil Dress

Midi Pencil Dress (Available to size 28), $64, asos.com

With a range of pink and purple tones and an off the shoulder neckline, this pencil dress is perfect for any floral loving femmes.

By now your love of flower prints must be fulfilled, if not just by looking at pictures of stunning floral dresses but by buying one or two items on this list and getting ready to wow people this winter.

Images: Courtesy Brands