A Viral Pic Said To Be The KKK Is Going Viral

In one of the most shocking upsets in modern history, Republican nominee Donald Trump became the President-elect of the United States of America, after triumphing over Hillary Clinton in electoral votes. American citizens all over the country and the world were quick to share their dismay and shock at the news, while many feared a surge of extreme divisiveness in the country, which almost seemed inevitable. On the morning on Nov. 9, a disturbing image began circulating on Twitter, leading many scared people to wonder if the photo claimed to be of the KKK marching in celebration in Mebane, North Carolina was real.

Bustle reached out to the Mebane Police Department, who told us that they had not received any calls or complaints about KKK sightings.

Twitter user kelbi1lewis uploaded a grainy photo to her account with the caption, "KKK on the bridge in Mebane, NC this morning." The photo swiftly made its rounds on social media, with many users questioning or wondering if the photo was real and whether the KKK was actually pictured on the bridge. It is important to take claims and photos on social media with a grain of salt, because jumping to conclusions can have terrible consequences.

That said, it is not possible to confirm at this time whether or not the KKK was actually marching across the North Carolina overpass pictured. Still, the fact that this photo has gone viral and that people even believe there is a possibility that it really could be the KKK shows the amount of fear people are living with following the election results.

Whether the photo is real or not, the idea that we can now so easily believe a photo of a hate group openly marching around in our country is troubling. While emotions are high in the next few days or weeks, it is important for everyone to be mindful of the information they share and wait out until it can all be confirmed. We owe it to ourselves to look for the truth in these trying times.