Supportive & Comfortable Sports Bras For Big Boobs

Working out can be a bit of a chore, but if I'm honest, the real reason that I avoid it is that my boobs end up killing me after. Finding the right sports bra can be hard because I need one that actually supports me and doesn't just look cute. That means it that eliminates the bounce when I'm running to avoid that huge "ouch" upon each step. Thankfully there are supportive sports bras for large breasts (that are surprisingly comfy!) or I would literally never step on a treadmill again.

In the past, I've literally doubled up on sports bras that aren't very supportive on their own, but together they almost get the job done. Not great, right? And on top of being way too thick, it just means more laundry for me. So now I specifically look for bras that I know will not only fit, but are also designed for high impact workouts. That way I don't have to worry about my boobs or my back hurting the day after I go for a long run or take a class at SoulCycle.

Still, you want to make sure you're getting a bra that's not only supportive, but cute and comfortable. The last thing that you want is to wear is one that cuts the circulation off your chest, or that takes forever to get on because you've had to size down to obtain the support you need. Remember that you can find a bra that will help you take your workouts to the next level. You can be comfortable and feel supported by a sports bra even through the most intense exercises.

1. A Compression Bra For Your High Intensity Workouts

Under Armour High Bra (Sizes: 32A - 38DD) , $38 - $55, Amazon

Compression bras offer you both superior support and comfort. They're the perfect option for high intensity workouts because they act like a second skin. This one also has a mesh back panel to keep you cool and is made with HeatGear fabric that will help wick away sweat and keep you cool. The bra has molded cups and gel-lined straps that will keep you feeling super comfy. Plus, it's available in 15 colors.

2. A Racerback Bra That Gives You Support And Lets You Move Freely

Champion Great Divide Sports Bra (Sizes: S - XL), $16 - $48, Amazon

Thick racerback bras are great because they give you optimal support. Straps stay in place allowing you to move the way you need to in a workout while still holding up your breasts. This bra also has a contoured under-bust design for extra support. You know you'll stay dry because of the Moisture Management technology and the ventilated mesh straps.

3. Hook And Eye Straps For Customized Control

Glamorise Double-Layer Custom Control Sports Bra (Sizes: 32B - 46G) , $30 - $70, Amazon

Hook and eye closures are a great thing if you need some extra control. Having an adjustable bra makes it easier for you to feel comfortable and create just the right of support. The straps are adjustable as well, giving you even more options for making this your favorite sports bra. One user said, "In this thing I can run, jump, do jumping jacks, I could be a trampoline artist with this thing. I wear a G cup. Can you understand how life-changing a bra like this is?"

4. A Sports Bra With Underwire If You Need It

Panache Underwire Sports Bra (Sizes: 28DD - 40GG), $32 - $70, Amazon

If you feel like you need to wear a bra with underwire to workout, that's totally fine. Just remember that that doesn't mean you have to work out in your regular bra. There are a ton of sports bras with underwire in them like this one. It has a hook and eye closure and adjustable, convertible straps. That means customized control and style. This bra is available in fourteen different colors.

5. A Double Layer Bra For Additional Protection And Comfort

SYROKAN High Impact Support Wirefree Sports Bra (Sizes: XS - XXL) , $18 - $20, Amazon

Double layer bras are great for people with big boobs because they give you a bit of extra support. It means that it is slightly padded which helps give control and hold your breasts up better. This one is also great because it has a bunch of mesh panels for ventilation to keep you cool and dry. The racerback and regular straps give you more stability and allow you to move freely for whatever exercise you're participating in.

6. Maximum Support For High Impact Activities

Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra (Sizes: 32C - 42DDD) , $20 - $118, Amazon

If you're looking for full coverage, this bra is the perfect option. It's an underwire sports bra that keep breasts in place and has inner sling support for large breasted women (think G and H cup sizes). It has adjustable straps and a hook and eye closure. Plus it's also made with moisture-wicking fabric. One user said, "I am a 38G and never thought I'd find a sports bra that actually fit me. And to find this one that supports perfectly for Zumba or Yoga without feeling like I'm going to spill out the top is amazing."

7. The Most Comfortable, Supportive Bra

Champion Spot Comfort Full-Support Sports Bra (Sizes: 34C - 42DDD), $20 - $71, Amazon

Sure you want support, but you also want comfort when you're looking to buy a sports bra. You could have all the support in the world, but if your bra isn't comfortable you probably won't actually wear it. This bra has gel infused adjustable straps, a hook and eye closure, molded cups, and breathable mesh - sounds pretty comfortable to me. And it comes in a variety of colors so you can stock up.

8. Wide Bands To Hold You Up Properly

SYROKAN High Impact Running Sports Bra (Sizes: 32B - 42DD) , $20 - $22, Amazon

Wide straps help you with support and generally just hold up your breasts better than thin ones would. They're also much more comfortable as they don't dig into your shoulders. This bra features a racerback, adjustable straps, a hook and eye closure and underwire. You're sure to feel supported in this stretchy yet structured bra during your next workout.

9. A Bra That Ensures No Bounce, Only Support

Glamorise No-Bounce Full-Support Sports Bra (Sizes: 34F-50G ), $23, Amazon

Working out and feeling like you're going to hit yourself in the face with your boobs is the worst. So when you have really large breasts you need to find a bra that will stop the bounce. This one is great for that because it features a cami design for upper bust containment. It minimizes cleavage and keeps your breasts in one place - in your bra, so you can workout the right way.

10. Compression Fabric To Keep The Girls In

Nike High Compression Swoosh Sports Bra (Sizes: XS - XL) , $45, Amazon

A moisture-wicking compression bra that doesn't chafe or dig into your shoulders is hard to come by. This one comes in six different colors and will keep your boobs supported during your next workout. One buyer said, "Finally! A NO bounce sport bra that doesn't cut into my shoulders. This is a true compression bra, so the no jiggle support comes from a girdle-like squeeze around the chest rather than tight straps digging into my shoulders."

11. Feel Super Supported In A Bra Built The Right Way

Glamorise Plus Size High Impact Sports Bra (Sizes: 32D - 46G), $30 - $62, Amazon

A high impact bra should be built the right way. And this one is built perfectly. It has double layer cups, padded wires, cushioned straps, and it's completely customizable. That means you can adjust the back closure and the straps to create the support and comfort you're looking for. It's a really great choice if you haven't been able to find a bra that supports your large boobs.

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