#StillWithHer Is Trending On Twitter

While a social media click in the wrong direction can easily take you on a despair detour today, Twitter users have banded around the #StillWithHer hashtag to express their messages of hope, sadness, and determination following the 2016 election. The tag is rapidly multiplying in the wake of 2016's stunning election results, and while there's mixed opinions about the good of hashtag activism, the #StillWithHer tag is at least a testament to the numbers committed to holding onto Hillary Clinton's ideals.

Ranging from simple thank yous for doing all she could, to speculation on what the results could mean, to trolls just getting in on the action, the tag is well worth a perusal. Bittersweet, polarized, and concretely of a moment many thought wouldn't exist, the tag carries a groundbreaking campaign out with a bang — ending on a note of hope mixed with desperation and significant frustration, the tag encompasses a wide range of emotions.

A hard time for anyone already watery-eyed after this morning's concession speech, but a stronger together message in tweet after tweet is proving that despite it all the mission doesn't end today. Take a look at the great ones below, and definitely keep refreshing.

Sadness came first.

But we'll always have the popular vote.

And winning doesn't mean allegiance.

#NotMyPresident has also been a big one.

Celebs like Kristen Schaal have shown their support.

Some say it's evidence of the double standard still going strong.

The reality is still sinking in.

One step forward, 400 steps back.

But this is one for the history books.

Despite it all.

And a model for others to follow.

Because she gave it her all, to the end.

And now we have to keep going.

To create the future we deserve.