The Trump Tweet That's Making People Cringe

As the news confirming Donald Trump has the next president elect of the United States starts to sink in, through tears, stomach aches and anxiety, the wounded American people are starting to come to terms with our newfound reality and react. Though this morning has left most of us feeling like we're having troubling waking up from a nightmare, we're also trying to find the right things to say to comfort each other and come together. In those efforts, there are some poignant reflections — particularly back to the bounty of public statements a younger Trump made via Twitter, long before he knew he'd ever be scrutinized as a leader of the free world.

Over the course of the election, many have dug up hundreds of incriminating, offensive, absent-minded, unintelligible, hateful, and illogical tweets through Trump's Twitter account. But one tweet in particular has become more relevant and infuriating that any others on this day. As you now know, Trump won the presidency because the electoral college swung in his favor. So this tweet that the people have unearthed and called attention back to will definitely leave you shaking your head. On Nov. 6, 2012, in the wake of Obama's re-election, Trump tweeted the following:

Clearly, no one had any idea of the ways in which it would become richly ironic in his near future. And of the dozens of statements that have come back to "haunt" him, we're all being forced to realize an unsavory truth: Trump's past doesn't haunt him at all, it propels him. We are currently in a state of such divide, that someone as rogue and rusty and green as he is, is considered an appeal to many. And while it's obvious why this throwback tweet is going viral today, it shouldn't surprise anyone.

Throughout this electoral season, Trump has proven time and again that his campaign is immune to repercussions. So much of the country was so thirsty for radical change that the more radically he behaved, the more un-political, impolite, unapologetic he appeared, the more his allies rallied behind him. So it's ironic that he denounced the electoral college, he's a self-centered personality and at the time it served his opinions to believe that. But much the same self-centered person, it serves his agenda to change his perspective — and so he will.

All we can hope for at this hopeless time is that he gives us a reason to change our perspective and that he gives us a reason to justify standing behind him. Americans love America, they want to support it, they want any excuse to believe in it again. We just have to hope that Trump will give us that, not because he's given us reason to believe, but because we have to believe that righteousness prevails.