Adam Levine... The Actor?

How does a movie with Adam Levine sound to you? Weird, right? Well that's why it's a good thing that he's surrounded by some reliable actors in his debut film. The first trailer for Begin Again was released Friday and shows Levine paired up with Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, and Hailee Steinfeld. Oh, and Ceelo is there too because, why not? Begin Again follows Dan (Ruffalo), an "ex-record executive" and Greta (Knightley), a "rock and roll ex-girlfriend" who team up when Dan hears her sing in a bar after he's fired and she's broken-up with. Yay for finding success after pain! Levine plays Knightley's douche-y musician boyfriend, Dave, who ditches her when he puts his career before their relationship, while Steinfeld plays Ruffalo's daughter, Violet.

The movie looks pretty cheesy. There's a part where Ruffalo is able to imagine a produced beat over Knightley's singing and then there's their wacky decision to record her album outside in various New York City locations. I'm no record exec, but it seems like you'd have A LOT of background noise. There's even a shot of them recording in a subway station! But even still, overall the film appears to lean more towards fun cheesy than get-me-out-of-this-theater-now cheesy.

Begin Again, which was previously titled Can a Song Save Your Life?, is written and directed John Carney of Once fame. It debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival after which it picked up distribution from the Weinstein Company. The film will close the Tribeca Film Festival this April and will hit theaters in July.

Check out the first trailer for Begin Again below.