The Best Advice From Celebrities For Coping With The Election Results

I know many of us are still trying to process what just happened. I mean I could barely sleep last night. But after the three or so hours of sleep I did manage to get in, I woke up to one very disappointing reality. Donald Trump is now president-elect. Yeah, that’s still not an easy thing to say for me. But I know I'm definitely not alone — that there are things you can do to cope if the election results have left you feeling hopeless and let down.

Many celebrities also took to Twitter to give their reactions to Trump’s victory. Longtime Hillary Clinton supporter Katy Perry and others were quick to voice their disappointment throughout the night as the results came in. Some seriously considered moving to Canada, and probably still are. Sarah Silverman already seems to be anticipating a Brexit-type of move for the U.S. Many others shared their fears for women, minorities, and the LGBT community who’ve been torn down over the months by the next president of the United States.

After an extremely long and exhausting election season, I know many of us did not anticipate this ending at all. But we will cope and get through this. It may takes some time, but as Clinton said in her concession speech, it's important to look to the future with an open mind. I know it may not seem like it right now, but there’s still hope for us. After last night I know I certainly needed some words of comfort. So, here’s the best advice from celebrities for coping with the election results:

1. Lift Your Head Up

2. Put Your Energy Towards Building A Bright Future

3. Remind Yourself Of This

4. Read Something Inspiring

5. Enjoy Cute Dogs, Tacos, And Puns

6. Have Acceptance For Others

7. Stand Together

8. Feel However You Want, But Don’t Be Afraid

9. Continue To Work Every Day To Make Others Feel Accepted

10. See This As A Glass Half Full Situation

11. Remember You Weren't Wrong

12. Stand Up For Equality

13. Spread Love

14. Put It In Perspective

15. Never Doubt That You Are Deserving Of So Much More

For many, the election results are even tougher to deal with than the entire election season. But we’ve been fighting for our rights, our equality, and our happiness for years and will continue to do so for however many more years to come. We’re going to be OK. This is far from the ending of our story. Now, we can hope for the best, anticipate the worst, and continue to stand up for what is right.

Images: Getty Images