Will Donald Trump Quit The Presidency?

by Rachel Nussbaum

Well, it's nice to dream, but for everyone with the question "will Donald Trump will quit the presidency?" on their minds today, here's the current state of affairs. While Trump told the New York Times in July that he wouldn't rule out leaving office if he won, only saying “I’ll let you know how I feel about [winning] after it happens,” he hasn't mentioned what exactly would make him give up his position.

Then again, back in October Trump told the Wall Street Journal that there was "zero chance" he'd quit, and that he "never, ever give[s] up.” And while that was referring to his participation in the race, Trump's unfailing confidence is trademark, and hasn't shown signs of abating.

If you're crossing your fingers that there is some chance a Trump presidency won't last four years, you may also be wondering whether there's a chance of impeachment once he's in office. That will likely be subject to whether his voting base becomes disenfranchised with the candidate after he takes office — experts say that would be an integral step to a potential Trump ousting. Washington attorney Bruce Fein told Politico that "ninety-nine percent of the game is how popular is the president," and he estimated the odds were 50/50 that Trump would commit an impeachable offense during his tenure.

But as for whether Trump will step down of his own accord, it doesn't seem like it. While Trump's business interests will likely present direct conflicts with the policies he'll be tasked with enacting, Trump has reportedly implied that he'll step down from chairing the Trump Organization and hand the reins to one of his children for his time in office (although he technically has no legal obligation to take that route).

Although Trump has given markedly little information on what specifics he'll do in office, at the moment we just know it will be something. How much he'll be able to get done will likely depend on the cooperation he receives from the GOP lawmakers, reportedly in exodus.

But here's hoping the sane will hold their ground while Trump holds office. And on the bright side, as long as there's Trump, there isn't just Pence.

A silver lining.