This Anti-Trump Student Protest Is Inspiring

In her concession speech to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton had this to say to young people: "And to the young people in particular, I hope you will hear this. I have, as Tim said, spent my entire adult life fighting for what I believe in. I’ve had successes and I’ve had setbacks. Sometimes, really painful ones. Many of you are at the beginning of your professional public and political careers. You will have successes and setbacks, too. This loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it. And so we need — we need you to keep up these fights now and for the rest of your lives." The students of Berkeley High School in San Jose, California are did just that by staging a massive walkout on Wednesday.

Approximately 1,500 students walked out of Berkeley High to protest Donald Trump's election victory. The school has a predominantly non-white student body, and teens a multitude of backgrounds held signs and participated in chants admonishing Trump's racism toward different groups. His history with allegedly committing sexual assault also featured heavily in posters. These high schoolers are proof that young people across America aren't going to let the new president-elect stop them from fighting for equality and justice for all.

Trump's inflammatory rhetoric about immigrants, particularly Mexican immigrants, was one of the most visible issues being protested at Berkeley High. One student brought a large Mexican Flag, a huge banner reading "UNDOCUMENTED, UNAFRAID" was hung between two balconies on the second floor of the school building, and chants calling for the stopping of deportations were loudly said by the massive crowd.

One female student wearing a hijab held a poster reading, "Muslims Against Trump." Another student held a sign calling for the rights of several marginalized groups with the words, "Gay Power. Black Power. Latino Power. Women Power. Muslim Power."

And, of course, female students made their voices heard. Two girls held a lip-shaped sign with the saying "The Future Is Female." A student named Lexie Tesch went with a harder reminder of what kind of man we've put in power as she held a sign declaring, "My sexual assaulter is in jail, now I have one as president."

This is not the only high school walkout that took place place on Wednesday; others were held by: North High School, Maryvale High School, and Carl Hayden High School in Arizona; Boulder High School in Colorado, Bishop O'Dowd High School in Oakland, and several others across the country.

While it's difficult to face a loss a great as this one, these students are an inspiring reminder of how many young people are determined to fight for a future where equal rights are a reality for everyone.