15 Thanksgiving Memes Starring Your Family

by Chelsey Grasso
Marcus Chung /E+/Getty Images

Thanksgiving is all about food, thankfulness, and perhaps most importantly, family. However, as wonderful as your kin can be, as these Thanksgiving memes about family poke fun of, sometimes you need a little space to keep from going crazy with your parents, siblings, and in-laws. Hey, it's only natural.

For starters, having to cook an enormous meal is a common starting place for a little family arguing. Cooking is stressful for lots of us, and when you have an entire family trying to play the part of head cook, things can get out of control quickly. As for the table talk, well, sometimes once the booze and wine start flowing, so do peoples' mouths. Top it all off with the wave of tiredness that hits everyone from the tryptophan, and you've got yourself the perfect storm.

So what can you do? In my opinion, laugh it all off. People get irritated. It just happens. But you don't have to hold onto that grudge for the entirety of the holiday. If your aunt is driving you crazy in the kitchen, go watch the game with dad in the living room. If you know your sister is pushing your buttons at the Thanksgiving Day table, don't engage. As these memes make clear, families aren't perfect, but you love them regardless. Now go have a good laugh.

It always does, doesn't it?

A family that eats together, stays together.

He's got a point...

You know the one.

I've never met a perfect family in my life.

Pets are part of the family too, right?

Too many cooks in the kitchen is never a good thing.

Nothing wrong with being the oddball.

Ouch, totally busted.

Blame it on the cat?

It's not a family Thanksgiving unless somebody yells, right?

Oh, grandparents. Does it get any cuter than this?

It happens.

They may be crazy, but they're yours.

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