Funny Thanksgiving Memes That Aren't Afraid To Make Fun Of Turkey Day

Need to blow some steam this Thanksgiving? If so, then these funny Thanksgiving Day memes will help you do it in a comedic way. Everybody needs a good laugh now and again, and Thanksgiving is as good a time as any to get that chuckle going. These hilarious memes touch on it all, from the aggressive turkey to the boss who won't let you out early the day before Thanksgiving.

There's so much to make fun of on Turkey Day. There's the challenge of being upgraded from the kid's table to the adult table. There's the physical feeling of being too stuffed to even move after the main meal. There's the cousin who always shows up an hour into dinner smelling somewhat suspicious. I mean, how can Thanksgiving not put a smile on your face?

Holidays should be spent in a jolly spirit, and Thanksgiving is no exception. When you're not stuffing your belly, you should be laughing. I hope your Thanksgiving is as cheerful as these memes are funny... and that's pretty darn funny, you guys. Take a scroll, have a laugh, and remember that while Thanksgiving may not be the most politically correct holiday on the calendar, its modernized, American traditions are still some of the funniest.

This is actually frightening.

Technically, true.

No one wants to be seated at the dreaded kids table.


Lighten up, Grumpy Cat.

Thanksgiving problems.

Hmmm... what if?

Now that's an idea!

Is the adult table really that enviable?

I hope you don't have a boss like this guy.

Ditto, bro.

Images: CC0 Public Domain/Pixabay; MemeCenter