What Do The 2016 Starbucks Holiday Red Cups Look Like? You Have 13 Designs To Get Excited About This Year

If you were hoping to wake up today with a little bit of winter cheer, you're in luck — Starbucks' holiday red cups are back. And, once you see what the new Starbucks red cups look like, you'll have something to look forward to on your next coffee run. As you know, every year Starbucks switches from its standard white cup to its once-a-year red cup around the holiday time. But this year, for some extra special festivity, Starbucks is releasing 13 different cups, each with their own design.

As a part of a holiday cup design contest that began last year, artists from around the world participated in a project that allowed them to share their artistic conceptualization of the holidays, using the cup as their canvas. Winners of the contest came from six different countries around the world including U.S., Canada, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Russia, proving that yes, everyone around the world loves Starbucks and has some serious holiday cheer.

And if you're the kind of person who likes to take that annual "red cups are here" selfie, you've got 13 different options to pose with. The designs range from traditional holiday lights to whimsical birch trees and every reindeer and snow scene in-between. Here's a sneak peak at what you have to look forward to this holiday season at Starbucks:

Those Classic Holiday Lights, Though

This cup was designed by Maria Lauren of New York, N.Y. She tells Starbucks she “was looking around my home for inspiration and when I looked at my tree I thought about how beautiful the lights were.” The iconic decoration looks like a festive vine in this festive depiction.

Some Good Ol' Reindeer Magic

Samantha, a hair stylist and hobby artist from Bromell, Pennsylvania, created this wintry and wonderful woodland deer sketch while her daughter was napping! Sometimes the best doodles come from the moments we're not even trying to create them.

It's Totally Snowflake Sweater Weather

Alisa is from St. Petersburg, Russia and was inspired to create her design while sipping on a Gingerbread Latte. She merely began doodling on her cup and the design came to her. *Goes to Starbucks to get Gingerbread Latte to find inspiration* = me RN.

A Placid Winter Forest Scene

Bronwyn, a college student from Moscow, Idaho, was inspired to create her design after a December hike along her favorite trail. Seeing the stark contrast of the white snow on the dark branches was enough to get her creative juices flowing for this awesome design.

Birds And Flowers

This cup was designed by Florencia, who lives in Bandung, Indonesia. Florencia wants people to know that "The magnolia symbolizes friends and love and the hedge sparrow represents faith and creativity. I hope that my design inspires people to joyfully love life and be creative, even when faced with tough times.”

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

This cup's designer, Anna, might live in Canada, but she was born in the Soviet Union and was trained in petrykivka , an ancient Ukrainian decorative folk art that inspired this cup.

A Quiet Birch Forest

Chloe, from Plainfield, Illinois, created this cup with home in mind. When she thinks of winter, she thinks of snow-covered birch trees.

The Candy Cane Can

Jennifer from Seattle created this cup with a lot of whimsy in mind. Inspired by the geometric swirling botany of wreaths, Jennifer mixed in some candy canes and seasonal shapes to make this look as natural as possible.

Deck The Halls

This cup was created by Anz Soza, from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She's a long-time Starbucks cup decorator, having drawn nearly 100 designs in past holiday seasons. Now she can share her ornament patterns with everyone.

Graphic Design

These beautiful and trippy graphic swirls were created by Erica from Markham, Ontario, Canada. She, too, is a long-time Starbucks cup doodler!

Winter Blooms

Christina from Bakersfield, California chose to draw some winterized poinsettias, which from far away look like beautiful intricate snowflakes.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

This picturesque iconic scene was created by Eun Joo from Daejeon, South Korea. To describe her design inspiration, she says “There are many people — like different patterns of overlapping circles — but everyone can have happy memories with a cup of coffee at Starbucks.”

Don't Forget That Iced Coffee

This wooden wreath was created by Tracy from Los Angeles, California. Her design really comes to life with a full glass of iced cold coffee behind it!

Check out all the cups at your local Starbucks starting Nov. 10. The cups will be available in more than 25,000 Starbucks stores across 75 different countries, and will last through the holiday seasons or while supplies last.

Images: Courtesy of Starbucks