The Most Insane Write-Ins Of The 2016 Election

While we now have a celebrity as the next president of the United States — a sexist, racist, bigoted celebrity — there are those out there who felt that different celebrities should have assumed the role of commander in chief. In fact, some of those who felt that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton (nor any of the third-party candidates) was the right person for the job instead chose to write in their own celebrity candidates. Maybe in past elections, writing in something like "Dumbledore" or "[insert random celebrity here]" would be good for a few RTs or at least an "LOL" in the group text. But in this situation, when the stakes were so high, treating the entire thing like a joke is part of what helped Trump be elected president.

Now, I understand if you genuinely feel like you couldn't cast your vote for neither party and you wrote in a candidate who you did feel could get the job done. But voting for Harambe or Paris Hilton? You are throwing away your vote — something that suffragists worked long and hard for us to be able to do. So, yes, while some of the following might give you a chuckle here and there, ultimately, it's not funny. At all.

See some of the most ridiculous election write-ins below.

Harry Styles

According to MTV, some voters wrote in Harry Styles or Selena Gomez for president.

Paris Hilton

This person must've been a hold out from the days of those "Hilton/Lohan 2004" shirts.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Moses Robinson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Why not?!

Keith Richards

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Others felt the Rolling Stones' guitarist should be the president-elect.


Yes, the rumors that 15,000 voters wrote in a dead gorilla were debunked by Snopes, but it seems as if at least one person out there did so.

Wake up, America.