Britney Spears Instagrams Happy Pics On The Beach, Making Us Happy Too

You guys, all is okay in the world. And by "all," I mean the pop star who defined your adolescent years. Britney Spears posted some adorable family pics on Instagram, and it looks like she's doing wonderfully. You hear, that haters? It's Britney, bitch! Doing wonderfully!

She already had posted a picture of herself hanging out in Hawaii, in which she wore a blue bikini, and she looked freakin' phenomenal. But it's the picture of Brit, her boyfriend David Lucado, and her kids from her previous marriage with Kevin Federline, Sean and Jayden, sticking out their tongues acting adorably silly that will give you a reason to believe again. (Oh, and the other family shot on the beach is pretty great, too.)

Things have also been going pretty well for the rest of the Spears family. Spears' little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears got hitched to her boyfriend, Jamie Watson, on March 15. A victory for the Spears family is a VICTORY FOR US ALL, or for anyone who, too, donned a sports bra, a plaid skirt, and pigtails while dancing the Baby One More Time dance in her bedroom before she even had her first period. (Raises hand quietly.)

Anyway, check out these great pictures of Brit and her happy family:

Image: Instagram