Huckabee Could Be In The Trump Administration

Donald Trump is America's president-elect, and the air is thick with speculation around whom he will appoint to serve in his cabinet. Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani are both likely candidates, but will Mike Huckabee be part of Trump's cabinet? Signs point to maybe. On Nov. 9, BuzzFeed News posted a list of potential Trump cabinet candidates obtained from a source familiar with the president-elect's transition team. The list places Huckabee as a possible nominee for secretary of commerce. This, even after Huckabee tweeted that that "Trump may be a car wreck."

Huckabee had been restrained in his support for Trump in the past, but during a Fox News appearance on Election Day, he stated that he would remember all the Republican leaders who didn't get behind a Trump presidency. The next day he praised the new president on social media, tweeting, "Excellent beginning for his making America Great Again as Trump delivers gracious and great speech." Huckabee's daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, served as a Trump campaign senior adviser. Though Huckabee's name is being thrown around for a Trump cabinet seat, it is also being thrown around for the 2018 Florida gubernatorial race. He currently lives in Florida with his wife, Janet.

In July, Peter Schorsch of reported that Huckabee was planning to run for Florida governor in the next election. In September, the Sunshine State News reported poll results showing that 50 percent of Florida Republican voters believed that Huckabee should run for the position. The poll showed that he holds a 40 percent favorable rating with voters overall.

Even though Huckabee may be in the running for secretary of commerce, the competition is stiff. Governor Chris Christie, Trump campaign's trade adviser Dan DiMiccio, RNC Finance Chairman Lew Eisenberg, Sen. David Perdue, former Senator Jim Talent are also on the list provided to BuzzFeed News. Mother Jones, on the other hand, lists Rep. Chris Collins as most likely to land the job.

So even if Huckabee doesn't land a spot in the Trump administration, at least he has another campaign in Florida in a couple years to look forward to. And if he wins that race, he'll end up making history as only the second person to serve as governor to two different states. The first was Sam Houston, who was elected governor of Tennessee in 1829 and governor of Texas in 1859. Will Huckabee follow in Houston's footsteps or fall in line with Trump? Wait and see.