Is This Matthew McConaghey's ID From Olden Times?

Wow, it must be weird being a celebrity. What do you do with your old IDs? Chop 'em up? Save them for old times' sake? Sneak them to your younger relatives for more convenient beer runs? Just lose track of them and never think about or see them again? Such is not the life of a celebrity. Not when there's the Internet involved. Which is why an old ID that appears to belong to Oscar winner Matthew McConaghey is now making the rounds.

The ID seems to be Texan in origin (which would make sense), and comes from before McConaghey got his start in 1993's Dazed and Confused. The ID surfaced through Reddit (where else?) by a user who claimed it had been passed down to his friend, who used it to get into 18 and over Emo shows in '91-'92. Good thing none of this was taking place in the years following Dazed and Confused, because we imagine his friend would have had a tad more trouble if he'd tried it after McConaghey's face started being all over the place.

And the ID does seem to be McConaghey's — at the very least it's got all the surface details right, from his birth date to his middle name, and of course his face. It also brings with it the joy of being able to picture a Matthew McConaghey lookalike sneaking into Emo shows.

This is, of course, reminiscent of the time we got a glimpse into Jennifer Lawrence's time in middle school, or when McConaghey's own prom picture made the rounds moments after his Oscar win this month. All the rest of us must take these moments as opportunities to be grateful that that one photo of ourselves sweaty and awkward from yesteryear has yet to surface.

Oh wait.

Image: Reddit