What Are The New Unicode 10 Emoji? You're About To Have 56 New Optons

It's been a rough week for those of us who didn't like the outcome of this presidential election. Luckily, there have been some silver linings: legalized recreational marijuana in three states, more women (and women of color) in the senate than ever before, and, most importantly ... a new Unicode 10 emoji update giving us 56 new emoji to express our horror at the state of our nation without even having to use words. During its 149th meeting, the Unicode Consortium (doesn't that sound so official!) approved the 56 new emoji for the new Unicode 10 release (date TBD). But what exactly are the new Unicode 10 emoji?

Well, some of the ones making the most headlines are the new hijab emoji, the breastfeeding emoji ... and a monocle wearing emoji (you know, because you have to respect that monocle-wearing population too). Other notable emoji include: "Flying Saucer," "Face With Open Mouth Vomiting" (where was that on Tuesday night when I needed it), "T-Rex," "Zebra Face," "Bearded Person," "Zombie," "Person In Lotus Position," "Person Climbing," "Shocked Face With Exploding Head," "Grinning Face With Crazy Eyes," "Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth," "Merperson," and "Person In Steamy Room."

Here, I'll just let you take a look at the full list the new Unicode 10 emoji.

And here are some proposed images:

And the Hijab Emoji:

The Breastfeeding Emoji:

And the all-important pie-pretzel-pizza emoji:


Images: Unicode