Dina Lohan Talks To Oprah About Fearing For Lindsay, But Something's Off Here

The concept of Oprah Winfrey "teaming up" with Lindsay Lohan for any prolonged period of time was a strange one from the get-go. It's led to its intriguing and sad (but strangely thrilling) moments, of course, like when Winfrey told Lindsay to "cut the bullshit." There are more questionable moments than anything else, though, including this interview between Winfrey and Dina Lohan, Lindsay's mother and longtime momager.

Dina Lohan is, to put it lightly, not exactly the most beloved mother figure in the entertainment world. Kris Jenner's got nothing on Dina when it comes accusations of momager actions damaging one's client/progeny. Which is why, when Dina goes on to Winfrey about the terror of having a daughter so addicted and on the verge of harming herself, the eyebrows shoot up.

Because yes, you have to feel for the situation to a certain degree — it's not a position that could be fun for any but the absolute worst parents out there. But then you remember that Dina Lohan has a history of going clubbing with her daughter — with one of those nights ending in an alleged domestic violence call between the two when one of their fights became (again, allegedly) physical.

In fact, the OWN producers of Lindsay's show have, for the most part, banned Dina and Michael Lohan from the production — both make small appearances, including a lunch/fight between Lindsay and her father and this interview with her mother, but overall it's clear they're not an incredibly welcome element.

It can't be easy for any parent to deal with the realities of one's child's addiction. But Dina Lohan? She's a woman who's earned a hell of a side-eye.