Smug Putin Memes To Sum Up His Election Feelings

Everyone may be having a pretty awful couple of days, but if there's one person celebrating, it's Russian President Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump's stunning election upset puts Putin in a good position, as the president-elect promised multiple times throughout his campaign that he would work to establish stronger ties with Russia. Putin was even among the first to congratulate Trump on his victory by bizarrely sending him a telegram. But in the spirit of momentarily forgetting what all of that could mean for the country, here are some smug Putin memes, since you know he's just loving this unfortunate election way too much.

Recently, the White House formally accused Russia of interfering with the U.S. election in a bid to elect Trump, and if that's true, Putin has even more of a reason to celebrate. However, Putin has denied any claims that Russia interfered in the U.S. election. In any case, Trump and Putin's bromance, if you will, was certainly not a secret throughout the election cycle. The former Republican nominee heaped praise on Russia's leader, at one point even saying that he was "a leader far more than our president." Combine that with accusations from Hillary Clinton that Trump was in fact Putin's puppet, and the country had a strange, strange relationship on its hands.

But anyway, back to those memes:

Putin's Victory Dance

That Smug Laugh...

A Bigly Congratulations To You!

These Should Have Been Trump's Signs

Maybe They'll Just Ride Off Into The Sunset Together, Forever

Not A Pretty Picture At All

Putin's Got The Moves

A Frightful Sight...

It'd Be Better If They Both Kept Their Shirts On, At Least

A Handshake With Obama

Putin's Top Award

All in all, it looks like we should have had a Trump-Putin ticket instead...

In the coming months, America will have to wait and see what a potentially concerning relationship between Trump and Russia's president will amount to. But for now, at least there are entertaining memes.