Ginny Fights Back On 'Pitch' After Her Leaked Nude Photos Threaten To Surface

Last week, Ginny faced some personal demons on Fox's Pitch — and then got word that her ex got hacked and selfie nude photos she sent to him were about to be leaked. In this week's episode, the photos surfaced and the fictional first female Major League Baseball player handled it with pure class. Ginny fights back against the photo leak on Pitch by taking her own — for ESPN Magazine's Body issue, of course. The famous issue of the magazine features toned athletes posing nude in artistic photos and Ginny uses the opportunity to turn a potentially embarrassing moment into an empowering one.

As the team heads to San Francisco, Ginny gets word from her team that she's missing her next start, which throws her off even more than the selfie leak. "I can take the leering and jeering as long as I'm in the game," she tells her agent Amelia (Ali Larter). Amelia tries to brace herself, her player, and the team for the eventual leak of photos on the internet — even suggesting that Ginny create and claim to have a fake mole, but the power pitcher turns it down. Instead, they come up with the ESPN mag plan: take her own tasteful nude photos for the ESPN magazine Body issue of her and the some of the Padres players.

Not only did they take the photos with a professional photographer, Amelia leaked the photos "early" — and before the nude selfies could leak, letting Ginny take control of the situation. It was a totally empowering and body positive move that let her show the world her body her way before some random hacker did it — and she got the male players to do it as well, because hey, guys can have leaked photos, too.

Images: Ray Mickshaw (2)/Fox