Amy Poehler & Mariska Hargitay Are Fighting Rape Culture Like Feminist Superheroes

Unfortunately, there are a lot of important issues in the world that go ignored, dismissed, or disbelieved for a long, long time before anything gets done about them. Luckily, though, at least one of these causes has been gaining traction in recent years: The discourse surrounding rape culture. In fact, celebrities like Amy Poehler and Mariska Hargitay are joining the fight against rape culture, and it's pretty great.

Causes like this — those ignored by many because it's inconvenient to think about as existing in everyday life — can be greatly helped out by famous faces throwing themselves into the mix. Because though we shouldn't need the celebrity faces to help us out, sometimes we do, and Hargitay (with her many years of experience on Law & Order: SVU) and Poehler (with her frequent public feminism) have the cultural capital to help a little.

Hargitay's nonprofit the Joyful Heart Foundation teamed up with NO MORE to raise public awareness surrounding issues of sexual violence. Example poster taglines: "No more 'she was asking for it,'" "No more 'that doesn't happen to guys,'" "No more 'well, she was drunk.'"

Powerful words. Words that everyone should already be thinking, yes, but it's rarely that easy.

You can witness Poehler and Hargitay's posters below, and some more from Hargitay's SVU castmates here.

Images: Joyful Heart Foundation/