How To Get 11 Free Urban Decay Samples For One Day Only

Free samples are one of the best things about shopping online for makeup. Beauty Junkies can attest to the euphoria that accompanies receiving extra treats to experiment with when that package finally arrives in the mail. Urban Decay is offering 11 free samples to its online shoppers on Friday, Nov. 11. That's right — 10 samples, plus one. That's a lot of additional products to play with and it sounds like heaven to me. How, exactly, do you get 11 free samples from the edgy brand for one day only?

It's so, so, so easy. It's almost too easy, in fact. Per the email blast sent out by Urban Decay, all you have to do is spend a minimum of $55 on the site and BOOM! DONE! You get 11 free samples to go with your purchase(s).

Personally, I find it stupid easy to spend $55 at Urban Decay. You can grab one of the brand's blockbuster eyeshadow palettes that you will use all of the time — I use mine almost daily — and enjoy an additional lot of pre-selected samples that perform a variety of different functions for your face.

Below is the screen grab of the blast touting the 11 free samples. It's Nov. 11 or 11/11, hence the amount of samples. The promotion ends on Friday night.

The samples include a Vice Lipstick sampler, NAKED skin samples, a mini tube of the iconic, game changing eyeshadow Primer Potion, a tiny vial of Perversion mascara, two bottles of makeup setting spray, and more.

If you don't or haven't used any of these products, the trial sizes will allow you experience them first hand, incorporating them into your routine for a week or so. If you love what you use, you can buy the full-sized version and add it into your permanent regimen.

Nothing sucks harder than buying a product that you cannot fully test and "live with" in advance, taking it home, using it, and being "meh" about it. Urban Decay is giving you IRL experience with its products. You can't beat that with a bat.

You can nab the Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette, which is a prism of colors, will allow you to create endless eye looks, gives you eyes for days, and costs $55, and be rewarded with 11 samples.

Images: Urban Decay/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Urban Decay (1)