Rob Kardashian Can't Stop Instagramming Dream & It's Clear He Is Just The Proudest Dad

Dream Renee Kardashian has been in the world for just a little over 24 hours now, and already she's #InstaFamous. Truth be told, she was a social media star before she was even born — even right up until her birth, as Blac Chyna proved in her delivery room Mannequin Challenge. But now that she's actually here, the internet is even more saturated with her presence: Rob Kardashian can't stop Instagramming his daughter, and it is too sweet for words.

Since Dream entered the world around 9 a.m. PT on Thursday, her proud dad has taken to the 'gram to share photo after photo of his little girl, absolutely basking in the glow that comes with being a first-time dad. First, Kardashian introduced his daughter with a sweet photo of her bundled up in blankets, quickly following that photo with a split shot of Dream and her late grandpa Robert Kardashian, to show just what a striking resemblance there is between the two.

"She's an exact copy. Pops sent us an angel," Kardashian captioned the split image of Dream and his father. "It's truly a blessing. He's happier than anyone on this day. I'm so happy and thankful."

On Friday, Kardashian shared another photo of Little Miss Dream, one of her sleeping peacefully while wrapped in her mom's arms.

"it was all a DREAM," Kardashian captioned the aww-inducing photo. "haha i love her."

Of course, Kardashian isn't the only proud parent 'gramming pics of his little girl. Chyna uploaded the above video of herself holding Dream while the baby looks around and Kardashian coos in the background, "Look at your Kris Jenner haircut." (I can't.)

To be honest, it is absolutely heartwarming to see the love that Kardashian has for his daughter — to see just how proud he is and to see just how over the moon he feels. Kardashian has openly struggled with depression and had been reclusive in recent years, even skipping Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding because he was so unhappy with his weight gain. He credits Chyna for helping him come out of his "darkest times," as he told People, and now, he seems happier than ever after becoming a father for the first time.

It also seems fitting, somehow, that the heir to the Kardashian throne (Dream is the only one of her cousins who will carry on the Kardashian name) looks so much like the Kardashian family patriarch.

Congratulations to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna on their baby girl! Soak up that happiness and contentment as much as your hearts desire. And bring on the Instagram pics!