Reasons Book-Lovers Make The Best SOs

At first glance, readers may seem like less than ideal significant others. After all, they spend large amounts of time in fictional worlds. They are constantly discussing fictional people. And they are liable to turn down a date if a cliffhanger arises and they "just really need to finish a couple hundred pages." But I'm here to tell you that readers make the best partners.

Despite the fact that readers divide their time between reality and book-worlds, they actually make the best significant others IRL. Fiction proves the point: Belle broke the curse and set the Beast and his enchanted castle free; Elizabeth Bennet had one of the most iconic relationships in literature AND thoroughly enjoyed reading; and Hermione Granger proved that she could be an amazing friend and significant other, all while carrying around a huge stack of books in her magical purse.

The truth is, there is something about book-lovers that makes them perfect SOs even in real life. Yes, all my above examples are of fictional characters, but fiction often reflects reality. And in reality, you will notice some great things about your relationship if you date someone who loves to read. Here are a few reasons readers make the best significant others, both on the page and in everyday life.

They Give Great Book Recommendations

If your partner loves to read, they will probably provide you with a long list of book recommendations. You can trust that all the books will be amazing and perfectly tailored to your likes.

Readers Are More Empathetic

It's scientifically proven that readers are more empathetic, so you can always trust a reader to get what you're going through.

They'll Think Of Creative Dates

Whether you're going to a library or a bookstore or a place based on something your SO once read about, you will always go on creative dates. Readers have plenty of inspirational material to choose from when planning.

You'll Always Know What To Buy Them For A Present

Hint: books.

They Know What To Do In Most Relationship Situations

Since readers have encountered most relationship situations (in the pages of books), they always know what to do. Because they've seen their favorite character go through the same thing.

You'll Learn A Lot

If you're dating a reader, chances are their passion for books will rub off on you. They will probably make you read all their favorites, or at the very least discuss it endlessly, but there are worse things than gaining new literary knowledge.

They Won't Get Bored Easily

All a reader needs for entertainment is a book and a place to read, so you can rest assured that an SO who loves reading won't get bored easily. They'll just need you to give them plenty of time to finish the long, long TBR pile that's collecting in their apartment.

Readers Are Forgiving

Readers are able to forgive their favorite characters, so they'll probably be willing to forgive you, too. Characters — I mean, people — make mistakes, but it's all about character development. I mean, personal development. Your SO may sometimes think you're living in a story, but there are perks to that.

Readers Are The Best People To Fall In Love With, According To Science

Those who read fiction are best able to master the "theory of mind," AKA the ability to understand beliefs and interests besides their own, according to a 2009 study. So basically, people who read are intelligent and understanding, two traits that make for amazing significant others.

Readers Will Make You Believe In Magic

As Stephen King says, "books are a uniquely portable magic." Readers understand how enchanting other worlds can be, and when you date them, they will take you along for the adventure. You will believe in magic when you have a partner who loves books.

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