See Neil Patrick Harris & Jason Segel Have a "Les Miserables" Singing Duel

Not sure what you'll do when How I Met Your Mother bows on March 31? Still vexed by Russell Crowe's performance in Les Miserables? Not sure how those two sentences go together? If you answered yes (or no, even) to any of the above, you MUST MUST MUST watch Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel re-enact a scene from Les Miserables (in song, of course) as Jean Valjean and Javert in their famous "Confrontation" duel. The two cast themselves appropriately: NPH is the vengeful Javert, and Segel takes on the role of the salvation-seeking Valjean.

The two recreated this magical moment on a recent episode of Inside The Actor's Studio, and the operative word is recreated: I actually saw this gem when it originally appeared on the ill-fated Megan Mullally Show. I wholly remember sharing it on Facebook saying something along the lines of "THIS MAKES MY LIFE." That was no understatement, my friends.

Musical theater nerd or not, rest assured, there is nothing quite like watching these musically adept and very funny actors take on the roles that Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe tackled in 2012 — or more specifically, the role that Hugh Jackman did justice to (by proving my theory that Jean Valjean is the original hipster with that beard ) and Russell Crowe slandered. (Sorry, Crowe. Maybe stick to rocking out with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show if you feel the urge to break out into song?)

Since Les Mis has recently had its third (third!) revival hit the Broadway stage, is it too much of a dream wish to ask for Segel and NPH to grace the Broadway stage as a post- How I Met Your Mother project? It's unlikely, as NPH will already be stealing shows as the titular role in Hedwig And The Angry Inch . Fingers still crossed for a remake of the movie starring these two.

Check it out below!