Hugh Jackman Sang 'Wolverine: The Musical' & It Was Just As Precious As We Thought It Would Be

There is no debating that Hugh Jackman is a musical god who we should all bow down to — especially after hearing his beautiful vocals when he starred in Les Miserables. So whenever we have the chance to hear his singing again, we should take it. Luckily, it seems that time is now: Recently, Hugh Jackman sang Wolverine: The Musical to the tune of Who Am I for BBC Radio 1 and, spoiler alert, it was fantastic.

The song begins, as any song should, with the cutest Jackman giggles ever as he prepares to sing the most ridiculous and hilarious song about himself that the world has ever seen. I’m not sure who wrote the lyrics to this song, whether it was BBC Radio 1 or Jackman himself, but bravo to that person, because I now have a new song I am going to play on repeat. The song went as follows:

Who am I? Am I a superhero with some claws, or just an actor searching for applause? Wolverine has all the fans, but what about me, Hugh Jackman? Who am I? I play the wolf man yes it’s quite the task, in X-Men: Days Of Future Past — there’s the plug. I’m at the gym doing weights each day. Hugh has got to look buff they say. Must I lie? I cannot eat this ice cream anymore. I need a body people can adore. I gave up junk food that I know. I made that bargain long ago. And all my snacks and crisps are gone and now this wolverine can go on. Who am I? Who am I? I’m wolverine! This is gona work. And so my friends you see it’s true, I am an X-Man who isn’t blue. Who am I? I am wolverine!

The few lines of this song were so angelic, and even though Jackman choked on the last note, stating, “I haven’t got it today” when he struggled to get that high note, we all fell in love with him all over again. If only more artists could put that much passion into a song talking about junk food and their hot bods.

Check out the song below.

BBC Radio 1 on YouTube