Where To Buy Khloe Kardashian's Clear Framed Glasses For A Majorly Cool Look

There’s no denying it. The Kardashians know how to accessorize. Whether it’s with their shoes, their bags, their jewelry, their cars — they always have impeccable taste. But, this Kardashian decided to switch things up a bit, and you’re going to want to find out where to buy Khloé Kardashian’s clear-framed glasses to step up your accessory game, too. UPDATE: A rep from Grey Ant optical confirmed to Bustle that Kardashian's clear frames are the "Yesway" frames from the brand.

Of course, there’s no way to tell if hers are prescription, although, according to her Twitter she does wear prescription glasses from time to time. Whether you actually need lenses to enhance your vision or no, you could definitely learn a thing or two from Kardashian here. It’s not everyday that you see her sporting spectacles, but clearly, when she does decide to wear them, she opts for a super retro pair. And there’s nothing wrong with a little throwback action when it comes to your eyewear!

You’ll want to get the look for yourself, so, I’ve taken the liberty of finding similar options. You can easily add a prescription to some of these pairs, and some come without one, it all depends on which brand you shop. But, take it from this woman — wearing glasses is totally cool (as if you weren’t already aware). Check out her OOTD and become inspired to shop some frames, too.

Looking good, Khlo.

She may hate them, but she sure looks good in them!

Really, she should consider making this a full-time thing.

These have a retro feeling, but she's bringing them to life again in 2016.

1. Angular Aviators

Geeky Angular Aviator Clear Lens Glasses, $19, ASOS

There's nothing geeky about these, if you ask me. In fact, these almost seem like an exact replica of Kardashian's.

2. Oversized Frames

Nantes Silver Eyeglasses, $29, EyeBuyDirect

You'll look like a sexy scientist in this pair of glasses. There's nothing wrong with that you fashionable brainiac, you!

3. Set The Bar High Shades

Set The Bar High Silver Shades, $20, Nasty Gal

In case you're into shielding your eyes from the sun, these sunglasses should help you achieve Kardashian's look while staying protected.

4. Square Frames

Chamberlain Frames, $95, Warby Parker

Large square frames will give you all of the Khloé K feels.

5. Classic Aviators

High Bar Clear Lens Aviator Glasses, $19, ASOS

A pair of classic aviators could never steer you in the wrong direction as far as style is concerned.

Images: khloekardashian/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (5)