Rob Kardashian Reveals Newfound Desire For Healthier Lifestyle

As a member of the Kardashian family, I can only imagine how chaotic life would be, especially being the one male sibling of the house. So, enter Rob Kardashian's dilemma: He's the only dude in a family full of powerful women, and he's been publicly battling with his weight and possible depression. The good news is, though, that while he's been airing out his problems recently on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Rob Kardashian seems to be pursuing a healthier lifestyle, and he posted a picture of a gym on Saturday along with the tweet: “Just follow the yellow brick road.”

The gym, which is far fancier than the one any of us will probably ever get to use, included basketballs, ellipticals, weight machines, power resistance bands and other fun gym things. Although it is unclear as to whether or not “just follow the yellow brick road” was some sort of metaphor for following the path to a healthier life or simply to comment on the yellow line featured on the ground in his photo, either way we are overjoyed for him.

Even some fans showed their support for the reality TV show star, commenting on his Instagram with things like “Go Roooob,” “Yeey rob. U can do it. Everyone loves ur sweet soul,” and “You can do it rob! Don’t give up x.”

In an earlier statement to Us Magazine , an insider said, “Rob is really depressed. He’s not losing any weight. Rob has a trainer he’s supposedly working out with. But Rob rarely shows up for their sessions. The family is very concerned about him.”

As a 5’1’’ Asian girl who enjoys eating Hot Pockets and Jimmy John’s on a regular basis, I can understand the fear of gaining weight and also being unable to lose it, especially when 5 pounds on a short person can actually look like 10 pounds. Similarly, I can’t even begin to fathom what it must be like to always be compared to your five sisters, who are constantly in the spotlight for various things, including their noteworthy physiques. I mean you’ve all seen Kendall Jenner recently, right?!

Yet this photo seems to highlight his progress and actual desire to lose weight despite what any “insider” says. Having seen those close to me struggle with weight loss, and often pulling a Mean Girls myself when I stare into the mirror, I have to praise the Kardashian for his strength through this journey. It’s not every day that a person has to deal with such a personal problem with millions of TV viewers watching his every move and likely comparing him to the rest of his family.

Although I’m sure that everyone hopes there are more gym images and tweets to come as a sign of his progress, I can respect that Kardashian might keep his work under wraps until he reaches his weight loss goal in the future. But at least we know that he’s trying! And who knows? Maybe several months from now, he’ll surprise us with a “before” and “after.”

Image: robkardashian/Instagram