Taylor Swift Is The Biggest Celebrity Player

I — like the majority of adult women I've encountered in my life — have mixed feelings about Taylor Swift. Now, my mixed feelings have been affirmed as an iHeartRadio survey says that Taylor Swift is the biggest celebrity player. I wax and wane over whether or not she's a positive role model for tweens (your teardrops on your guitar can turn into a hit song and catapult you into highly scrutinized life in the limelight) or if she's a country star who dipped her toes for too long in the realm of pop, who uses her songs as an excuse to cry about all of the boys with whom she's locks lips.

No, I don't like her, but every now and then she redeems herself (like with this For Your Consideration video for the ACM awards), and quite frankly, it's tough to keep track of who her songs are about; it's even tougher knowing that it's impossible to hear one of her ubiquitous songs without thinking, "why, yes, that is about the time John Mayer and her got naked." ("Dear John," anyone?)

Rest assured, her former paramour Mayer also landed in the top two of this survey; Mayer sits directly under Swift (who hate a vote of 28.8%) as the second biggest celebrity player, with 27.3%. Newsflash: no one is shocked.

What's interesting here, however, is something that's a bit of a paradox. We've got Mayer, who fully upholds his brooding bad boy image. Make no mistakes, the 36 year old singer-songwriter has been to bed with a fair amount of other celebrity ladies. Swift, however, tries to uphold an image of a good girl who is just always down on her luck with a broken heart. John Mayer broke her heart. Jake Gyllenhaal broke her heart. Joe Jonas broke her heart. Taylor Lautner broke her heart. All of these high-profile romances and flings — in tandem with songs ostensibly about these fellows — make it difficult for us to believe she really is that innocent whose heartbreak is unwarranted.

Also, this:

But I digress. While it's understandable that teen girls would aspire to be like someone who writes her feelings to a hummable tune — someone who uses the bad times to create music or something — it's clear that the general public is viewing Taylor as the heartbreaker. She's the one with the pattern. You knew she was trouble when she walked in. And so did that goat.