Chris Rock Joins Dave Chappelle In 'SNL' Sketch

Dave Chapelle hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time on Nov. 12 and the legendary comedian has brought so many laughs in the post-election episode. He even brought some special guests along, including some of his former Chappelle's Show characters in a Walking Dead parody and comedian Chris Rock, who hosted the Oscars earlier this year. Chris Rock joined Dave Chapelle on SNL on Saturday night in a sketch that parodying the experience of watching election night returns come in in favor for President-elect Donald Trump. It was all too real.

In the sketch, Chappelle's character watches election night coverage at a party with some of his Caucasian friends, who still have hope that Democratic Presidential candidate Clinton would defeat Trump by the end of the night. But as the night went on, the group seems to be in total denial, shock, and then meltdown. Rock's character drops by and joins Chappelle at the party — and winds up having to help him explain to the group what exactly went wrong on election night. Cast member Cecily Strong's character declares, "Oh my God, I think America is racist." Chappelle responds to remark by saying, "Oh my God. You know I remember my great-grandfather told me something like that. He was a slave."

The group begins to wonder what many people are still wondering — why didn't voters turn out for Clinton like they did for current President Barack Obama. "Maybe because you're replacing a charismatic black guy with a 70-year-old white woman," Rock jokes. "That's like the Knicks replacing Patrick Ewing with Neil Patrick Harris."

The group is still in complete disbelief, much like half the country still is, but Rock knows exactly what's next. "Get some rest," Rock says to the partygoers. "You got a big day of moping and writing on Facebook tomorrow."

Too true, SNL. Watch Rock's cameo below.

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