Kate McKinnon As Ruth Bader Ginsburg On 'SNL' Was The Ultimate Post-Election Pick-Me-Up

The shocking and disturbing result of the Nov. 8 election hasn't yet produced many good byproducts, but one of them was absolutely the post-election episode of Saturday Night Live. The show tackled some of its best political comedy in years, with the help of host Dave Chappelle's hardened and honest monologue and the comeback of a familiar and welcome face. Kate McKinnon's Ruth Bader Ginsburg impression returned to SNL this week, and it's exactly what you need to help clear up your lingering post-election blues.

McKinnon already crushed it with her Hillary Clinton impression earlier in the night, but as one of the most talented performers in the show's history, you know she didn't stop there. McKinnon's Ginsburg impression was the first since her appearance at the Republican National Convention in July, when just after the real RBG had said she couldn't image what it would be like if Trump were president.

Now that that terrifying possibility has become reality, neither McKinnon nor her Ginsburg seem to be going anywhere, because they're going to be committed to making sure that the Supreme Court has a chance at an even balance of power and that Trump's administration is held accountable for its actions. “The bench is now my porch. I’m going to sit on it all day and scream, ‘No! Get out of my yard!'” McKinnon yelled in her hyper-realistic parody of the legendary Supreme Court justice.

One of the reasons that a Trump presidency might have such a damaging lasting effect is his opportunity to potentially nominate three justices to the Supreme Court, replacing Justices Ginsburg, Anthony Kennedy, and Stephen Breyer. But McKinnon as Ginsburg vowed to stick around and be Trump's nightmare for as long as possible, promising a strong liberal voice for SCOTUS and more opportunities for Ginsburns on SNL.

“How long do you think you can hold on?” Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost asked, referencing Ginsburg's relatively advanced age. “Oh, forever, Colin,” McKinnon as Ginsburg replied. “I’m eating a apple a day to keep Ben Carson away.” The real Ginsburg is needed on the Supreme Court now just as much as McKinnon is needed on SNL for the next four years, so hopefully neither goes away any time soon.