Phoenix Hair Is Blowing Up The Internet & It Will Give You All The Glow In The Dark Hair Goals — VIDEO

Rainbow hair is an epic trend to rock in and of itself, but this look takes it one step further. Created by celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang, phoenix hair is a wild glow-in-the-dark rainbow on a whole new level.

In standard lighting, the bright orange-red rainbow locks are impressive, to say the least. However, once the regular lights go off and the black lights come on, the look glows brighter than you may have thought was possible.

According to Tang's Instagram and YouTube pages, he used Kenra Color Creative Neon Collection dye and missed Neon Fuchsia with clear dye to diffuse the color. Using his hair coloring skills, he used varying ratios of that mixture on different parts of the hair to give the entire look dimension. What resulted is a captivating video that you won't be able to keep your eyes off of — and one that will make you want to find the most skilled hair colorist in your area and work on attempting the look.

If it all feels intimidating, never fear: Tang isn't the first one to create a look like this, and there are tutorials on how to get glow-in-the-dark hair all over the internet. Check out Tang's full tutorial below and prepare to be inspired.

Guy Tang on YouTube

Pretty wild, right? With winter fast approaching and the days getting shorter, now would be an amazing time for a total hair #glowup, don't you think?

Image: Guy Tang/YouTube