Hilary Duff Just Made Your Weekend

Everyone has been geeking out after discovering that the actress formerly known as Lizzie McGuire recently dyed her hair from blonde to even more blonde, and yet somehow many failed to recognize that Hilary Duff signed a record deal on Friday, March 28, meaning she is officially back on the music scene. If you had a childhood AT ALL, this is most definitely the most exciting news you've heard all weekend — I, for one, cannot wait to see what amazing tunes Mama Duff has in store for us. So many great memories.

Although we’re not sure as to whether or not the 26-year-old singer and actress will take on her old pop image pre-marriage and baby life, it would be ideal if that girl came back because she produced so many classics. Let’s not forget Come Clean, which helped Duff’s music career skyrocket when it became the theme song for the hit reality TV show, Laguna Beach. And remember that time when she made jeans and a white tank top look adorable in her music video for So Yesterday? She made breaking up with your boyfriend actually look...well, fun.

Really though, if she could also bring back another version of What Dreams Are Made Of (sans her sister Haylie Duff singing all of the high notes, because ugh) I would be more than satisfied for the rest of my human existence. What would be even more hilarious is a possible song about all of Aaron Carter’s love tweets to her several years post-breakup. Like, "seriously, no, stop, you're embarrassing yourself" could be the title, and Hilary, feel free to use that if you want to.

However, I can only assume that with all of her life experience, she will mostly sing about what it’s like to be a mother — which I don’t want to imagine yet —and her heartbreak after her split with husband Mike Comrie. Whatever the song content, though, it doesn't matter, because every girl is going to cry when her first song takes over the Internet and breaks it. Move over, Miley and Selena. You’re about to be owned by a Disney alum.

Now, here are some Duff oldies but goodies to prepare you for her new music that we are anxiously waiting for:

Image: hilaryduff/Instagram