What's The Key In Ivy's Necklace On 'Gotham'? Crossbow-Wielding Assassins Are Willing To Kill For It

After several episodes of teasing, Ivy Pepper finally revealed to Selina that, somehow, her fall resulted in a transformation into an older version of herself on Gotham. Since then, she's been living a slightly less successful version of Selina's vagabond existence, visiting wealthy men, flirting with them, and then stealing their valuables. But things get serious after Ivy accidentally steals something worth more than money and the three kids become targets. But what is the key inside Ivy's necklace that is apparently worth killing over? And who are the assassins with crossbows hunting Bruce, Ivy, and Selina? It's possible that this is a totally new mystery, but it would more sense if ties into the lasting questions that center on what appears to be the Court of Owls.

The shadowy group, which is run by a woman named Kathryn and a mysterious man whose face has been kept secret, has power and influence over the city, seemingly through rich families (just like the Court of Owls does in DC Comics). Since Ivy's target was clearly rich, he may have been a member of the Court and the key may unlock a safe or location important to the group.

But that would mean one loose end doesn't work. Why would the assassins kill the guy Ivy stole the necklace from? If he was keeping a secret key for Kathryn or the man she works with, it wouldn't benefit them to kill him off when he could have offered more information on who took it.

In the comics, the Court of Owls have a league of assassins, The Talons, who do their violent bidding around the city. One of those assassins — simply called The Talon — is sent to kill Batman in one comic book arc, and that could be the unmasked man who was seen investigating the evidence at the scene. There, he found a newspaper article about the Waynes that might wind up leading him to Selina, Bruce, and Ivy at the mansion.

But if these crossbow-holding killers actually have another motive, Ivy, Bruce, and Selina have all been implicated in whatever mystery this key is connected to. Until they can figure it out, the tension between the three friends (and in Bruce and Selina's case, more than friends) will have to be put aside in order to fight these killers and make sure the key doesn't wind up in the wrong hands.

Images: Jeff Neumann/FOX (2)