Van der Beek Had Some Crazy Stalkers

Were you a Dawson's Creek fan? More specifically, were you a James van der Beek fan? Well, hopefully, you were not any of these fans: In an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, James van der Beek spoke about his crazy stalker fans from his Dawson's Creek days (also known as his heyday) and, spoiler alert, they all sound crazy.

Ah, Dawson's Creek. Those were the days — when the WB was the WB, and Katie Holmes hadn't even met Tom Cruise yet. Anyway.

Surely you recall how Van Der Beek had quite the fan base at the time, right? Did glossy pin ups of him from magazines like Teen Beat and J-14 not adorn your locker? Well, apparently, Van Der Beek was well aware of how he had quite the adoring mass of fans, but, as he told Meyers, it wasn't so much the fans — who would shriek wildly (as one does) when he would appear in public and potentially come close to their space bubbles — but it was the legitimate stalkers. That's right, stalkers. Yikes.

According to Van Der Beek, he had one super fan in particular who made him mix-tapes (LOL — that's how you know a long time has passed since Dawson's Creek was on the air; mix-tapes were a viable gift to send to another human! HELLO, time capsule.). These mix-tapes were rather personal — they contained songs from the TV shows and films he had appeared in. It's funny, but kinda creepy, and it will definitely send you spiraling backwards into a sea of nostalgia for those Dawson's Creek days. Let's all play some Paul Cole now as a memorial to the series.

You can watch Van Der Beek recount the whole tale right over here:

You can also watch this because we're on the subject: