Felix Is Still A Mystery On 'Westworld'

Westworld has made it pretty clear that every Delos employee is deeply flawed in some way. Some are taking advantage of the hosts, some are letting guests run unchecked, and others are smuggling information out of the park. Personally, I'm interested in "butcher" Felix on Westworld — because we know so little about him. What's his agenda? Whether or not he can be trusted may depend on whose side you're on.

Felix might have just created a HAL situation by upping Maeve's intelligence to the maximum. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about it. However, his ambition and experiments didn't initially have anything to do with the Mariposa host. Something is going on with him that has not yet been explained. He was working on that robot bird, but had to put that on pause to deal with Maeve waking up.

Another suspicious thing about Felix is how easy everything comes to him. He clearly wants to do more than just surgically repair hosts and the opportunity just fell into his lap. Then, he was way too willing to give Maeve the answers she is looking for and adjust her personality. That has to be against his contract. I also think it's crazy that he hasn't been caught. The dude works in a glass office, and he gave Maeve a tour without anyone but his partner reacting! How is nobody seeing this on security footage? Do they just not care?

Maybe somebody wants Felix to be working with Maeve. Maybe Arnold has been placing and mobilizing people throughout the organization for decades. That's my current theory. It seems like change is happening in Westworld from all and departments. Chaos is slowly taking over as the pieces fall into place. Elsie said that it seemed like everyone at Delos had an agenda but her. It's possible that Felix is just in the right place at the right time, but I have the feeling that his strings are being pulled as well.

Image: John P. Johnson/HBO